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There are still a few hours until Day of the Dead 2023 and the day before the National Institute of Statistical Geography (Inegi) releases statistics on registered deaths.

COVID-19 persists One of the main reasons why Mexico In 2022, it ranked fifth overall 38,000 508 dead According to the report released on October 31 this year.

That number is lower than what was reported in the 2021 count 238,000 people died, 772 people died for a disease that caused a pandemic about four years ago.

Overall, 847,716 people died in 2022, down from 1.12 million in 2021, Inegi’s data showed.

“Of these people (deaths in 2022), 43.7% were women and 56.2% were men, and in 1,000 cases, the gender of the person was not specified. Of these, 90% were due to diseases and health-related issues, 10% are due to external causes (mainly accidents, homicides and suicides),” the institute stressed.

What disease kills the most people in Mexico?

The four leading causes of death in Mexico are heart disease, with 200,023 cases; diabetes, 115,000 25 cases; malignant tumors, 89,574 cases, and liver disease, 41,281 cases.

In fifth place were COVID-19, with 37,450 incidents; cerebrovascular disease, 35,977; assaults (homicides), 33,287; influenza and pneumonia, 33,000 49; and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 18,463.

By age group, People “65 and over” It is the country with the highest death toll, with 497,488 deaths, accounting for almost 59% of the 847,716 recorded fatalities.

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