How Miley Cyrus Has Changed Since ‘Wrecking Ball’

Miley Cyrus gave her viewers a new single, in which she once again talks about her past. The American artist never stopped innovating, even going through periods of his life and career when he received a lot of criticism online. But today it has completely resurfaced.

Opening a new chapter in your career Miley Cyrus, which celebrates simplicity after periods when excess was his only mantra in life. The singer never ceased to participate in musical and stylistic experiments. From the time of Wrecking ball it’s completely changed and finally found my balance.

Miley Cyrus how she has changed
How Miley Cyrus has changed over the years, photo by Ansa — VelvetMag

It’s been a while since her debut, she’s still very young, and Miley Cyrus has gone through milestones. The American actress made her debut in the dual role of an actress and a singer in the TV series Disney Channel in the series Hanna Montanawhich led her to success. A character that initially became a kind of emblem of his music, but over time he completely abandoned it. The singer became Miley again and continued her career as an actress and singer in the spirit of simplicity. But adolescence made her want change, experimentnever feeling sorry for yourself despite criticism the public. This sudden realization was followed by other musical successes, including the famous Wrecking ball who saw Miley Cyrus in the music video for the song naked on a concrete ball. An image that has become almost iconic and marked the transition to one new stage your way. However, this chapter is already closed, and new single published by the artist, it takes us back to the days of romantic and introspective ballads.

Miley Cyrus opens a new chapter with Used to be young

She tried new styles, tried to change her image, now she’s back to basics, but in a broader sense. aware AND ripe. Miley Cyrus after success Flowers which led her to receive several nominations for the following MTV VMAsgave the audience a new song. Used to be young it came out last 25-th of August and officially opens a new chapter for the artist. Starting with her past, Cyrus tries to explain to her the reasons for all the changes that led to her becoming the main character. But now he wants to abandon the “transgressive” clothes of his youth.

Miley Cyrus new single
Miley Cyrus is back with a new single, photo Ansa – VelvetMag

Used to be young is an introspective and almost romantic ballad that officially celebrates farewell to this rock and wild colors which Miley Cyrus has explored throughout her career. Even her appearance has completely changed, leaving room for simplicity and spontaneity that marked the beginning of his musical career. Text and communicative power of this new song, they occupy the entire stage in the released video clip. The new song represents the maturity of an artist who has grown up and finally blossomedwho wants to establish himself in his music, despite any obstacles that may arise in his new path.

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