How much did Kanye West make from the latest Yeezy release?

Adidas first inaugurated on May 31 Sales of Yeezy products stalled since last October, when he decided to end his partnership with Kanye West, Announced a few weeks ago, Yeezy is in the works to make a comeback Adidas CEO, bjorn guldenthat to get rid of a large quantity of pieces in stock – by total value 1.2 billion euros – decided to donate donating a portion of the profits to charity For organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Philonise and Keita Floyd Institute for Social Change. Kanye West, despite no longer moving forward in the creative direction of the brand, will get 15% of commission on each release – which other yeezy mafia They may be able to cover an entire year. But how much is West making from the new drops?

Ever since Kanye West’s controversial statements halted his fashion career, with the first contract expired adidasthen with Difference and then with balenciagaArtist presents collections secretly without excessive media coverage and maintenance Veil of mystery last year the legacy of the west amounted to $2 billion But starting in October loss of more than 400 crores, However, what is left of the West is no less; copyright His music allows him to earn over $5 million a year and invest SKIMSex wife’s company Kim Kardashian, amounting to $128 million. According to Forbes, West also has $100 million in cash and cash, and a real estate portfolio who matches according to their team $81 million in luxury properties, California, between Wyoming and Belgium, $21 million in land, and two ranches worth $14 million. Predictably, Yeezy’s First Drop Is Over 680,000 pairs of sneakers, for total overs $170 million which should have been enjoyed for the West so over $25 million,

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