How much do VIP cats cost and which ones are the most instagrammable and spaparazzi



They are of different races, cost a lot of money, and are social media protagonists just like the bosses. They have special names and arouse the curiosity of fans, netizens and animal lovers. These are VIP cats, real stars without their knowledge.

National Cat Day is celebrated on August 8, but for lovers, every day in the company of these wonderful pets is special. There are plenty of VIPs who own one or more, and Instagram photos showcase the passion and love they put into their care. The value of VIP cat breeds is high and many of them are real stars.

Taylor Swift’s cat, for example, is a Scottish Fold, and her name is Olivia Benson, as the protagonist of the detective series Law & Order. The cat is famous for being in high demand in the world of advertising, numerous commercials testify to it, and it is also considered one of the most valuable pets. His estimate would even be 97 million, a business animal that lives with the artist most represented on the world’s music charts. Diet Coke, AT&T, and DirectTV would be big brands of which the cat is a testament, in addition to its owner’s music videos.

Social networks to always be in sight

How much do VIP cats cost? Much money. Valeria Marini has 3, Sexy, Stella and SexyStar and they cost over 1500 euros. Pedigree, age and gender matter, their value is high, but you don’t spend a lot of money to keep them. Between food and care, the cost is about 40 euros per month. Valeria Marini loves Persian chinchillas, which have long hair and eyes the color of ice or emerald.

Aurora Ramazzotti, Damiano David and Selvaggia Lucarelli have cats at home. Their names are Lego, Saba, Evangelion and Bruno. Christina Capotondi created an Instagram profile for her cat called @picio_spystory, Ed Sheeran did the same with @thewibbles for the cats Calippo and Dorito. The profiles are followed by thousands of subscribers.

How much do VIP cats cost and in which cities are they insured

Among the most famous VIP-cats there are not only soft-haired Persians. Ilari Balsi prefers Canadian Sphynx hairless cats Donna Paola and Alfio, who are also social media protagonists with home videos posted during her marriage to Francesco Totti. No whiskers or eyelashes, lemon-shaped eyes, and a long, pointed tail. These are features.

If they belong to the Maine Coon breed, insurance comes into play. This will be the most insured breed for which special policies are provided. Chiara Franchini has 2, Viking has Rolle and NeiNi. Bologna, Brescia and Milan are the cities with the largest number of policies. Rome is in fifth place. According to research by AdnKronos and Assalco-Zoomark, long-haired felines are worth a lot of money, and 2023 is experiencing a real boom in this phenomenon. If we love cats, we might consider investing. The cost of maintenance is low, the love they give us is great, and the insurance covers all the risks.

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