How much does Taylor Swift earn for each concert she performs?

Taylor Swift is breaking all records: she has already earned more than $300 million from the first 22 concerts of her Eras Tour.

Fan or not, everyone is talking about one thing right now: Taylor Swift concerts.

The pop star’s Eras Tour continues to break records and even becomes the concert with the most tickets sold in a single day.

It was this great international success that made many fans curious to know. how much money does the singer earn in total from her tour?.

Let’s do the math.

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How much does Taylor Swift earn on average per concert?

On the first two nights of her tour, Taylor Swift performed at the same stadium that hosted the Super Bowl a few weeks earlier.

Needless to say, tickets for these two concerts were sold out instantly.

It was estimated that they were present outside 150 thousand peoplewhich is significantly more than the 68,000 people who attended the 2023 Super Bowl.

Considering that the total economic impact of the Super Bowl was over $600 million, Forbes predicted the economic impact of the two nights would be at least $570 million.

But that is not all. Bloomberg estimates that he averages 54,000 fans at each tour stop. singer Anti hero he earns more than $13 million from each concert.

In fact, the pop star has already earned more than $300 million for the first 22 dates of the tour.

For this reason, it is estimated that when the Eras Tour ends, Taylor Swift’s earnings could be around $1.4 billion.

However, keep in mind that the $1.4 billion estimate only takes into account the value of tickets at the time of total ticket sales. The actual amount of money spent by the singer’s fans during the tour is much higher. For example, almost all tickets resold on the secondary market are worth more than their original cost.

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Record profit

Although the total gross profit of the Eras Tour cannot be calculated until its completion, we can already say that this is an event that will mark the history of music (and more).

In fact, if these predictions come true, Taylor Swift will break the record for the highest-grossing all-female tour of all time.

This record currently belongs to Madonna, who earned $407 million from the tour. Gooey in 2008-2009

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