How the 2001 version of Tom Brady fared after brutal rant against NFL legend

Bailey Zappe drew comparisons to NFL legend Tom Brady as the then-rookie impressed in 2022 – but Bill Simmons Simmons seems to have misjudged Zappe as a backup quarterback.

Bailey Zappe impressed in his rookie season, drawing comparisons to Tom Brady, but the good vibes didn’t last(Getty Images)

NFL expert Bill Simmons says Bailey Zappe will be like ‘2001’ version of Tom Brady when he impresses in 2022, but this The New England Patriots quarterback has done little since to suggest he’s emulating the six-time Super Bowl champion.

Last year, Brady — who was quarterbacking the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during a difficult season — came under fire for attending Patriots owner Robert Kraft’s wedding on a Friday night just days before the game. . Simmons claimed that the 46-year-old is no longer the player who dominated the NFL.

Simmons said Brady seemed to think he was bigger than the Buccaneers and showed poor leadership when he attended Kraft’s surprise wedding and missed team events in the process. He then took a private jet to attend Sunday’s game, a 20-18 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road.

“Just an eye test, he’s releasing the ball a half to a full second faster than he needs to be,” Simmons said on his podcast. “He’s not holding it and saying ‘I’m going to get killed, but I’m going to find (a receiver),’ he just doesn’t have it. He’s shaking it off, and he doesn’t look like Brady.

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“He doesn’t practice on Wednesday. He went to New York on Friday night for Bob Kraft’s wedding and they have a game on Sunday! Why would he be in New York on Friday night, he should be the leader of the team!

“All the rules are different for him. I’ve missed ten days of pre-season. Football is a team sport, everyone is on the same side and no one is more important than the team. Ten months He comes in and plays like he’s more important than the team. “I think it’s been an awkward year for him. “

He then compared Zappe to Brady, adding: “You know who wasn’t at Bob Kraft’s wedding in New York on Friday? Bailey f****** Zappe. He’s in his hotel room getting ready for the Browns. That’s the next Tom Brady. In 2001, Tom Brady was in his hotel room studying for the Browns.”

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