How to Build a Basketball, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan in Infinite Craft

Ready to play ball?Possible combinations are Infinite Craftsmanship Join two legendary athletes, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, who created the game of basketball. Here’s how to make them all.

how to play basketball Infinite Craftsmanship

First, let’s start by making a basketball, as its components will help get the two GOATs later.

  • soil + water = plants
  • plant + plant = tree
  • Plant + Wind = Dandelion
  • Dandelion + water = wine
  • Wine + water = holy water
How to make a basketball in Infinite Craft
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I know, it’s kind of biblical. Trust the process. Infinite Craftsmanship is a word association game, so have the combinations below ready to make more sense.

  • tree + water = river
  • River + holy water = Jordan
  • Jordan + Plant = Basketball

How Jordan and Plant created basketball is confusing. My best guess is that this game connects Jordan to the brand and the factory. When you combine the two, they’re making something for basketball (which makes sense when you look at the possibilities, but here we are).

How to make Kobe Bryant a Infinite Craftsmanship

Now, let’s bring in one of the greatest basketball players ever. Strangely, there is no information about the numbers 8, 24 or 33. Now follow the steps below.

  • Fire + Wind = Smoke
  • Plants + Smoke = Fragrance
  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • dust + dust = sand
  • sand + incense = snake
  • Snake + sand = cobra
  • Cobra + Basketball = Kobe
How to build Kobe Bryant in Infinite Craft
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For those who don’t know Kobe Bryant, the Cobra association is obviously related to his nickname “Black Mamba.” The black mamba is the second largest snake in the snake family, after the king cobra. With this explanation, complete the following sequence to get Kobe Bryant, not just Kobe.

  • sand + fire = glass
  • glass + smoke = mirror
  • Mirror + mirror = kaleidoscope
  • Kaleidoscope + Kobe = Kobe Bryant

How to make Michael Jordan Infinite Craftsmanship

Once the first two are done, making Michael Jordan will be very easy. Technically we already have Jordan, but we’re looking specifically for Michael Jordan. Please follow the steps below to get it. His simple line combines the process of creating basketball and humanity.

How to Make Michael Jordan in Infinity Craft
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  • water + fire = steam
  • steam + earth = earth
  • smoke + water = fog
  • Dust + Earth = Planet
  • Planet + Fog = Venus
  • Clay + Venus = Adam
  • Adam + Venus = Eve
  • Adam + Eve = Human

Now that you have Humans in your inventory, you can create countless different things related to Humans and other celebrities.

  • Human + Basketball = Michael Jordan

Also, with Michael Jordan you can create like Air Jordan and space jam If you are curious.

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