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The perfect trick to make your crystals sparkle effortlesslyblinds

Although it doesn’t usually rain a lot in the summer, the dust that accumulates in the atmosphere makes our windows dirty, which adds to the feeling that the house isn’t as clean as you might imagine. Besides, I had no idea that window cleaning was the most fun thing in the world. In fact, there are many people who hate this task and don’t know how to complete it quickly and easily.Therefore, in this article we have brought together Some tips and tricks for Clean window glass, glass walls, glass doors or mirrors are spotless. Like a golden squirt!


Start with the framework

Before we start cleaning the glass itself, we must first start with the window, door or mirror frame.If you don’t clean it up at first, it’ll be easy when you do Re-stain glass that has been cleaned.

Depending on the type of frame material, cleaning must be done in different ways. Therefore, we can use warm water and detergent to clean the aluminum frame. On the other hand, if the frame is made of wood, it is best to use specific products that will not damage the frame.

use specific products

To clean windows properly, it is always a good choice to choose specific products purchased in different stores and supermarkets.You can pass Apply the product with a cloth or sponge and wipe gently, Be careful not to scratch the glass so that dirt and dust accumulated in the glass will not escape.It is recommended to do this Movement involved.

How to clean glass and mirrors effectively and easily.

For the dirtiest glass

If the glass we want to clean has a lot of dirt, we can go a step further and make ourselves a powerful mixture consisting of: Water, ammonia and dish soap. With it, we will clean the windows one by one and then rinse them with a damp cloth in clean water.

If all stains have not been removed, we can use Rubber scraper completes grease and dirt removal Stronger. Once we have cleaned the crystals, we will be ready to dry them with a soft, lint-free cloth. If we do not have a cloth with these properties, then kitchen paper is a good alternative.

It is worth mentioning that some inexperienced people make the mistake of starting from the bottom up when cleaning windows. This means that when we have already cleaned the bottom, dripping water from the top will make the bottom dirty again.

Alcohol fingerprinting

If the glass is not very dirty and only has some fingerprint marks, we can choose to use alcohol mixed with water Destroy them. So the days of these brands, which are so common among families with kids, are numbered.

Wash your cleaning cloth

Once the work is done, it’s time to collect and clean our work tools. It is recommended to wash the fabric properly.this means Do not put them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes. Because the soap is too abrasive for the rag. Therefore, it is best to wash with neutral detergent and do not use fabric softener. We can also use vinegar and warm water to make them perfect for reuse.

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