How to Clean Wood | How to Remove Scratches from Wood with Walnut: Incredible Tips from The Order

How to Remove Scratches from Wood with Walnut: Incredible Tips from The OrderNDanko/Shutterstock

In the vast world of technology and computing, terms and concepts are constantly emerging, and although they may seem new, they are often rooted in old ideas. One of the words is “computer”, although not widely recognized, has deep significance and rich history.


The word “computer” is derived from the word “order,” which means to organize or structure something in a logical and coherent manner. In this context, a computer is an entity, whether human or machine, that has the ability to organize and process information efficiently. Although today we may think of computers as computers or advanced software, the original idea was much more than that.

In this case, the computer we are talking about and which has gone viral is Bego, a woman whose profession is order and cleanliness.known on social networks La Ordenatriz has over 1 million followers on Instagram Your account is one of the references when we want to know how to remove this or that stain from clothes or surfaces.

How to remove scratches from wood with walnut

Scratches on wood may seem permanent, but nature has provided us with a surprising solution: walnut.The Master of Order tells us what she thinks is the trick “It is impossible to be more ecological and economical”.In this sense, he explains to us “The oils from the nuts themselves will repair the wood, and the jam will repair small blemishes and scratches. You have to rub it hard and then just wipe it with a cotton or microfiber cloth.”

So while it may look like magic, it’s can complete If you take a nut, split it open and rub the fruit on it, it will leave scratches on the wood. In La Ordenatriz’s video we can see them disappearing like magic. In fact, we can’t think of an easier, more economical way to restore the look of wood, as walnut is much cheaper than any commercial product that can eliminate these and other defects.

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