How to do a breast self-exam step by step

this early detection of breast cancer It is absolutely essential that this problem be addressed in a timely manner.Therefore, self-discovery must become a part of everyday life, which enables us to Detect abnormalities in the initial stages and prevent the development of cancer.

A breast exam consists of two parts: body and vision. Both aspects are very important because around 20% of cancer cases are detected by scans, That means doing it right can save lives, according to the publication database.

When we examine our breasts regularly, We can notice changes and warning signs at the earliest stages, So there is no need to wait for a mammogram.these are Steps to do a self-test right and what signs to watch out for if we notice them

Step by Step Breast Exam

The first thing we must do is visual inspection of breasts.To do this, we stand in front of a mirror and look for Asymmetry, lumps, or skin lesions. this is what we have to do Both have their arms lowered and raised and placed behind their headsto ensure that we examine the breast from all angles and maintain symmetry and uniformity from all angles.

We then proceed to palpate the breast. c.Place the fingertips of one hand opposite the chest being examined and the other arm behind the head, We touch breasts, nipples and armpits. So if we examine the right breast, we use our left hand while holding up our right hand.

the three of them action What we should practice is:

  1. circular motion from center cover the entire breast
  2. movement in vertical and horizontal zigzag side to side
  3. Gentle pressure from the outer area to the central areaincluding the areola

Additionally, we must also check No fluid coming out of the nippleand don’t ignore the area closest to the armpits, Origin of most tumors.

Other indications that should lead us to consult an expert are the observations The size or shape of the breast. Additionally, if we detect Dimples, wrinkles, cellulite, or indented nipples. Added to this is the appearance Redness or eczema on the nipple skin Unresponsive to topical treatments.

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Analyze us monthly

Self-discovery must be embedded in our daily lives from an early age. Your mid-20s are a great time to learn how to carry on and start doing it. since then, once a month is the recommended frequency Familiarize yourself with how your breasts look and how they may change in texture, consistency, and shape. So a great way to remember this moment is to use your period as your guide. Three to five days after starting, the pain and inflammation should subside.

Some of the factors that protect ourselves and prevent tumors from appearing are Avoid smoking, avoid excessive alcohol consumption, limit hormone therapy use, maintain good physical activity, and follow a healthy Mediterranean diet.

However, we must remain calm when any of the above problems are discovered.Many of the changes found in the self-test are Benign tumors or lesions caused by other causesalthough in any case it is necessary to consult health personnel in order to be able to The possibility of cancer being detected is ruled out, and if so, treatment is started accordingly.

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