How to safely and effectively remove hair from the male genital area

Years ago, male hair removal was no longer a taboo subject. More and more men are removing body hair, whether for comfort, sport, appearance or personal taste. While shaving the legs, back, or eyebrows is common, shaving the intimate areas is not as common.On the other hand, skin genital area It is relatively fragile, so it is recommended to fully understand its characteristics to find a safe method.

Are there any risks in shaving your private area?

doctor Amalia Perez GillDermatologist member of GEDET (Spanish Group of Cosmetology and Skin Therapeutics), clearly states that pubic hair has multiple functions. “First of all, it will prevent friction occurs in this anatomical area during sexual relations and will minimize the likelihood of wounds, erosions or abrasions at this location; Secondly, it also serves as Protective barrier against infectionSpecifically for sexually transmitted infections, experiential infections such as human papillomavirus, which causes genital warts, herpes simplex virus, which causes herpes simplex, or other infections, such as those caused by fungi and bacteria, such as “impetigo.”

What hair removal method to choose?

Although it has its uses, it can remove hair from the genital area. When it comes to choosing a hair removal method, as with other areas of the body, the options are diverse. The quickest and most comfortable way is to cut the hair instead of pulling it out.For this you need classic Blade or electric razor. For the latter, it is recommended to first find out whether it can be used on the genital area.As Dr. Amalia Pérez Gil says, “You have to be very careful when doing this to avoid creating small cuts or lacerations. This fits Clean the area well treat and equipment, if it is not disposable, when we want to use it for the second time, then use disinfectant.Also recommended Cut hair before shaving Make the procedure easier. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that hair will appear after 2-3 days because the hair has not been pulled out from the root, which can cause itching and even lead to ingrown hairs.

this hair removal cream They work on the same principle as razor blades, except they cut the hair instead of pulling it out from the root. But it is a quick, painless and cost-effective way to remove hair from the genital area. However, we have to make sure that it is a specific product for that part and that we are not allergic to any of the ingredients, as they can happen. Stimulate Even allergic dermatitis.

If you are looking for a more permanent method of hair removal, then you should choose a method that removes hair from the root, e.g. wax. Hot or cold, waxing is one of the most traditional and commonly used hair removal methods, also suitable for intimate areas. Its main advantage is how long it lasts, since when hair grows from the roots, it can take three to four weeks to grow back. But this approach has one major drawback: pain This is especially true for sensitive areas like the genitals. Dr. Pérez Gil recommends “using Tempering wax Patients with other types of dermatitis should avoid using this wax, never reuse wax, always throw it away and use a new product the next time you use it.

Lasers can also be used, a method that has revolutionized hair removal in intimate areas in recent years.This is the most effective and long-lasting method, and according to Dr. Pérez Gil, “It’s a Associated with fewer skin problems And there are fewer side effects.While laser hair removal tools are now available even at home, when it comes to the genital area, experts recommend “go center They are well trained on the laser platform and most importantly of course: professionals are experts and are well trained in the technology and possible problems to avoid them and solve them when they arise.The risk of laser is burn Just don’t use parameters that are appropriate for your skin type. Although it is the most expensive method initially, it usually pays off in the long run because it provides the most hair removal. durable.

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