How to slow down Michael Jordan? NBA veterans tell anecdotes about guarding ‘unstoppable’ Bulls legend

how to stop Michael Jordan? That’s the question on the minds of all his opponents as he continues to break record after record.Michael JordanThe gravity-defying dunk has become etched in the collective memory of fans. But it was his competitiveness that attracted and intimidated his opponents.

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The former Utah Jazz player has witnessed his prowess in the air. The legend once revealed some of the tips and tricks he uses when fighting auras. Although his efforts were not in vain, the story is fascinating.

Let’s hear his whole story and learn more about how this 60-year-old man saved his goats.


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Did Jeff Hornacek succeed in slowing down Michael Jordan?

The one-time NBA All-Star discussed his games against Jordan in the 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals in an interview with daughter Abby Hornacek. I shared how I used a variety of strategies and techniques to defeat the six-time champion. However, the Chicago Bulls legend is too smart to be defeated by these technologies.

Jordan averaged 32.3 points per game against the Utah Jazz in 1997, but in the 1998 rematch, his scoring average dropped by 33.5 points per game. Hornacek eventually admitted, "His little push on him might knock him off balance a little bit, but not enough… He’d get in the post and hit a fadeaway jumper that became his truly unstoppable move. “You’re not going to stop that shot.”

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The 60-year-old also tried to get him to make a jump shot, but by then Jordan was already very good at mid-range shooting. One of the tips is also not to make him angry. However, as fans remember, the champion was just too good. As Hornacek recalled, Jordan’s competitive nature never failed him.

Jeff Hornacek talks Michael Jordan


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During the same show, the NBA veteran talked about what drove Jordan and the Bulls to victory. I’ve already shared how winning back-to-back championships isn’t that easy.In addition to games, you also need inspiration fuel cheer. Speaking about Jordan, the legend said: “For Michael, it was competitiveness, his ruthlessness.”

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I’ve added, “He gave it his all because he hated losing. I think it was those qualities that made him a superstar.” It’s not surprising to hear that Hornacek failed against Jordan. However, this is another interesting aspect of the legend’s career.


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