How young people rediscover historical passages

It is one of the most popular social networks. But Tik Tok is not just a video container capable of mesmerizing teenagers and new generations. Its hold on young audiences has in fact created a genuine phenomenon of re-evaluation of past pop culture, particularly giving new life to forgotten or, in some cases, unknown pieces of music. artists like Boney M, Donna Summer, Billy Joel and Fleetwood Mac, have become an integral part of the lives of teenagers, who use their songs to create videos and stories. There are also many Italian songs, some of which are really popular. in addition to various songs from ‘Minute’ by Battisti, Mia Martini, ‘A mano a mano’ by Rino Gaetano And in Mina’s various pieces, there is room for songs as well. Andrea Bocelli, Venditti and Max Pezzali, Some of these songs become veritable case studies, such as the inexplicable success of ‘Tu Kam’e Mamme’, now known as ‘Poor Seagull’, The author of this piece is Gianni Celeste, the neo-melodious singer-songwriter from Sicily who still can’t seem to grasp the masculinity of his song. The world of night and beyond has rediscovered Pino D’Anzio’s Italo disco, which at the age of seventy is back in the limelight thanks to songs like ‘But what an idea’ With trips full of kids. there are many songs like this remixed by users, that is, it has been slowed down or speeded up to avoid copyright issues. Thus was born the phenomenon of ‘speed up songs’, which migrated from Tik Tok to YouTube – where most kids listen to music – and onto streaming platforms. Among others, Abba’s favorite song is Angel Eyes, one of the Swedish group’s lesser known songs, here reworked and sped up to meet the brevity of the onstage video. What Is Love by Hadaway, on the other hand, has been slowed down, and turned from ’90s classic dance music into a chant that soundtracks videos about Mike O’Hearn, a famous bodybuilder. Who stars in memes and parodies. of the stereotype of the masculine man. There are songs, however, that are proposed acapella, that is, accompanied only by the voice without any instruments. The most famous of these is certainly ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ by Tears for FearsOne of the favorite bands of the 80’s. The song is often used to create videos in which comparisons are made between past and present, for example showing how show business stars have aged over the years. Inexplicably, there’s room for music too rock, which has failed to make inroads among new generations on paper, Menashkin has been excluded. The song ‘Mary on a Cross’ by the Swedish hard rock band Ghost has become one of the most used songs on social media almost four years after its release. The music industry is realizing the potential of this platform. In fact, it’s no coincidence that world-famous pop stars love it dua lipa Decide to preview their songs on the platform, giving them the opportunity to use the refrains to create stories, videos and other content. There tik tok lessons It reminds us of how digital media can give new life to cultural products of the past without mainstream success. If you once discovered music by spending many hours in a record store, today the social network is a place of cross-cultural exchange, a place where a user’s video can create a viral phenomenon out of nothing. surely young people will never cease to amaze us

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