Hoy por Hoy plans to say goodbye to the beaches of Almeria

this Friday Chain BE posted his The last show on the beach of Almeria. During the fair, the show will be broadcast at the Alquímico restaurant.

The last program has changed from Almeria Beach Library.As always, the program is accompanied by Zumba lessons ego movement center play with children de croly children.Subsequently, the children received toy planet and Carlin Stationery.

alfredo casas’s first respondent was Maria Dolores Rubia A doctor at the Amalfi Clinic, one of the project’s sponsors.ha for publicity Clinic Services. In the grooming section, they do nail and eyelash treatments, among other things. Aesthetic medicine works with Botox, hyaluronic acid, cellulite treatments…

Later they approached the presence of the microphone Blanca Hidalgo and Miguel Angel Galdiano Organizer of the Quick Cube Tournament.They have been commenting on the development of the event, trying to Make Rubik’s cube as fast as possible. Contestants such as Blanca Hidalgo can usually complete the cube within a minute.

singer songwriter from almeria Lori Munozentertaining the audience live with his own songs: “Behind the Glass”. Previously, he has spoken about his career and compositional inspirations. On a related note, he’s been talking about the songs he wrote inspired by the war in Ukraine.

at last Luis Miguel CarmonaThe Managing Director of the Metropolitan Transport Alliance of the Almeria Region was interviewed by telephone.This year, there are even more transportation options to get to the show Extraordinary bus service.people living in almeria Low Andarax You can easily reach the fair.

To conclude the program, sponsors presented five awards.mara received two tickets Vera Water Park, like Tony.Claudia and Victoria get a family pack Roquetas Aquarium.For Maria, the Family Pack Sobas Cave.Maria and her friends received messages from Ramona’s Empanada Boutique.

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