Hype man LeBron James acknowledges 215-pound Ohio State star’s touching tribute before big game against Maryland

LeBron James may have left Cleveland, but the Akron native still holds a special place in Ohio. King James’ upbringing in Akron played an important role in his life and career. LeBron continued to express his gratitude for Ohio State and its community. James was an outstanding supporter of every sports team in Ohio.

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His love for Ohio State runs deep, as he declared that if he hadn’t made it to the NBA, he would have played for Ohio State. Most recently, LeBron chose to hype the Ohio State Buckeyes’ star player before a big game against Maryland.

LeBron acknowledges Marvin Harrison Jr.


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LeBron’s love for Ohio State goes way back, as the 38-year-old suited up for Ohio State before he was drafted in 2003. As LeBron prepares for the new NBA season in Vegas, his beloved Buckeyes have a crucial game against Maryland. Ohio State has won eight of eight games against Maryland since 2014. But Maryland last lost in 2022 and has won seven straight since then.

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LeBron posted a story on his Instagram account hyping up the Ohio State star wide receiver, Marvin Harrison. He wrote, “Let’s set off together on the 18th! ! !he”. The post was also accompanied by several fire emojis.

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Ohio State Buckeyes wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. is widely considered the best pass catcher in college football. The 21-year-old wide receiver has 336 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Ohio State has won all four games this season, and King James is hoping the Buckeyes can go all the way and win a championship. LeBron and the Lakers begin preseason games against the Warriors later tonight. But LeBron won’t be attending because he wants to support his “little sister” in winning the WNBA championship.


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LeBron’s love for Ohio State

LeBron James’ affection for Ohio State runs deep. Born in Akron, he became a basketball star while attending St. Vincent-St. Louis. Marie High School in Akron. His NBA greatness with the Cleveland Cavaliers further solidified his ties to the state. LeBron decided to return to the Cavaliers in 2014 and led the Cavaliers to the NBA championship in 2016, a triumphant return.

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The creation of “I guarantee the schoolAkron demonstrated his commitment to giving back to the community. LeBron’s connection to Ohio State extends beyond basketball. It’s a testament to his enduring love and dedication to his roots. It’s fair to say that even after becoming one of the most influential people in the world, LeBron hasn’t forgotten his roots.

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