“Hype” – new single

As of July 28, 2023, Grid’s new single “Hype” is available on all digital streaming platforms.

“Hype” is a song that marks a return to lightness., albeit with a tenacity that 100% reflects Grid’s personality. The story is about summer flirting, where the outer aspect of social media is revealed at first glance, life shown through social media (which can be both attractive and scary), and the true identity of a woman is not really fully known. . Remain superficial acquaintances, the so-called summer love

The artist talks about the song: Hype is my summer comeback! In the summer, we seem to live in a continuous hype, everything is hype around, everything is fresh. The purpose of this new single of mine is to inhale the flavors of summer just by listening to it! The hype is synonymous with fun, being the center of attention but don’t give a damn because you only experience one season of the year.”


Grid is the pseudonym of Fabiana Mattuzzi, she was born in the province of Padua in March 2001 and at the age of six she began singing in the school choir, as well as taking piano lessons. It is her teacher, recognizing her strong singing and interpreting skills, who encourages her to take singing lessons. Grid feels music as an integral part of himself and grows up listening to pop, soul, blues and rock. Her biggest influences are international artists, women of the stature of Anastacia and Adele, as well as great, huge exponents of local music like Georgia and Mia Martini. In terms of sound, Grid is inspired by top international discography artists like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes. Studying in an English school allows Grid to speak and write fluently in several languages, and, consequently, master foreign texts with incredible naturalness. But why Grid? Fabiana grew up in a family immersed in the world of engines, also thanks to her father, who is a mountain racer. In 2015, she approaches the world of motorcycles and is amazed by it. Thus, Fabiana becomes a Grid who loves and appreciates the world of engines because she feels it is akin to her personality, marked by the determination to achieve results that come only through commitment and self-sacrifice. In February 2018, it opens for Alex Britty. Despite his young age, it is on the stage that Grid manages to release extraordinary energy. Grid draws on his life for his music; her songs are a mirror of her daily life and it is in singing that she feels free to express and convey her emotions. Determined and determined young woman; decisive, yes, but never aggressive. An artist who, on a purely masculine recording scene, makes himself a woman as an additional means to tell his thoughts, his emotions and his feelings through his music, with the desire to give strength and support to those who listen to her, inviting him to never give up, to be himself regardless of judgments of others and go to your dream.

“Hype” is the new single from Grid, available on digital streaming platforms from July 28, 2023.

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