i am legend 2 and constantine 2

The writers’ strike halted work on the I Am Legend and Constantine sequels. Akiva Goldsman has actually taken a break from writing the script, postponing the start of production.

last february, akiva goldsman , One of Hollywood’s most prolific and prolific writers and producers – revealed that he is working on two highly anticipated sequels, constantin 2 And i am legend 2 Both the projects are part of the agreement Signed Between Weed Road Pictures, Production company founded by Goldsman – E Warner Bros. However, in recent times the author has provided some Update stating that there is little encouraging about the development of the two feature films fans will have to wait longer than expected,

Constantine and I Am Legend – sequels blocked due to writers’ strike

akiva goldsman – Returning from my experience as a listener of crowded roomApple TV+ Series with Tom Holland and Amanda Seyfried – Then Back to Talking The state of play on the sequel to Constantine and I Am Legend, to the microphone playlistGoldsman has actually revealed that writers strike currently in progress it “forced” him to brakeThus the entire production machine is getting significantly delayed:

I put my pen down, nothing to do. but i started writing i am legend 2 before the start of the strike. as for instead constantin 2I’ve already outlined the project with Francis Lawrence (director of Chapter 1) and Keanu Reeves, but I haven’t started writing yet.

Goldsmith He has already worked on the script for the first chapter i’m great and co-wrote Constantine, according to your statement it is possible To See the Light First is a sci-fi sequel with Will Smithwhich will also return in the second chapter – joining Michael B. Jordanstar of mcu and saga creed, In recent months, the author had already provided some details of the project’s plot, stating to which it will connect alternate ending of the film – in which Will Smith decides not to sacrifice himself – and which will largely inspire last of us, a famous videogame saga that has recently become a TV series. As of now, it is not yet known who will be entrusted with the responsibility of the feature film. Francis Lawrence will return to direct Constantine 2 – is expected to hit the theaters with a prequel hunger games, Ballad of the Nightingale and the Serpent, strongly desired by Keanu ReevesCooperation will also be claimed in the sequel jj abrams, so now just have to wait UpdateIn the hope that Goldsman will be able to return to work soon.

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