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Jennifer Aniston This is what is on everyone’s lips these days. Cause? He is shown with gray hair and visible regrowth In a video shared on his Instagram page. And everyone said they loved him for it. Meanwhile, the 54-year-old Hollywood actress has unveiled her new project, in which she features in the front row. Collaboration with functional training platform Pvolve, founded by Rachel Katzman. interviewed for this opportunity by Vogue UKJennifer Aniston reveals how she’s connected to her 50-plus body today.

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Jennifer Aniston Feels in Great Shape Even at 54

An enthusiast of a sporty and conscious lifestyle, a fan of collagen supplements (she’s a Vital Proteins ambassador), non-invasive facials and a healthy diet, Jennifer Aniston is at peace with her years. and he actually made an announcement the trend,I feel much fitter than when I was in my 20s. Mind, Body and Spirit: All for the better». then there’s a phrase that the former Rachel Green Friend He absolutely hates being told: “I can’t stand it when someone, thinking of paying me a compliment, says to me: “You look really good for your age.” But what does it mean? This phrase drives me crazy! They are clichés about the age of our society,” commented the actress. How can you not agree with that?

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