“I couldn’t speak because of the pain.” Show canceled what happened

Concert Baby K.held on Friday evening in the river park in Teramo, it didn’t end well. It’s with the eloquent Instagram stories of the singer lashing out at concert security, blaming him for not handling the situation well, so much so that during the photos, Baby K was hit by a woman who brought a strong injury To breast. But let’s see what the singer has said over the past few hours.

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“I shoot stories because I want to get rocks off my shoes,” he said. Baby K. in your Instagram stories. It’s not like me to create a buzz on social media because I’m not that kind of person, but I want to talk about things that don’t exist. I’m really black. About three weeks ago, I was accused of not taking a selfie with a little girl who left the Battiti stage, but instead calmly taking a selfie with everyone and there is a photo. It was fake news.”

Then the singer said: “The day before yesterday I went to Teramo, and there the police decided to do the opposite: they opened the barriers and such a crowd formed, and there were children on me. This time, a woman loaded me so hard that I got a chest injury. I couldn’t even speak because of the pain. I went to the hospital and I am black. I have to cancel the next shows, many of them overseas, and I’ve been waiting eight years to do them.”

“Safety is not my responsibility”

“I don’t complain about photos, I love children and people, but there is one thing that gets out of hand: it’s impossible not to put safety first,” he stressed. Baby K. in his Instagram stories -. It is impossible to risk situations of madness and great danger for photographs. Finding law enforcement creating this chaos is unacceptable. This time I hurt myself, I cried all day. I just couldn’t move or even speak. But it cannot be that this thing is only of interest to me. All these years I have been groped, pulled, strangled, pushed and abused to take pictures. However, I have always taken photographs, but safety is not my responsibility.”

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