I-Days Milan Coca-Cola 2023: Hero

Flea of ​​the Red Hot Chili Peppers, considered one of the most virtuoso bassists in the rock and funk scene and in general one of the best of all time, never ceases to amaze with his jumps in the air…

There will be summer, there will be a desire to share experiences and come together again, this will be BIG’s Prosper Billboard on stage Like Florence + The Machine Falls | Sudan Archives; Rosaloa Tinashe | Yendry | Clara; Paolo Nutini Interpol | Fast Beasts and Slow Kids, Travis Scott Capo Plaza | AVA, Liam Gallagher | black keys nothing but thieves; Red Hot Chili Peppers Skunk Anansi|Primal Scream|Studio Murena; Arctic Monkeys’ Hives | Willie J. Healy | The Omni, Milan also swelled on Sunday 2 July with fans who came from all over Italy to attend concerts by extraordinary bands and artists.

Anthony Kiedis, frontman of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

We were downstage with 65,000 RHCP spectators – who will celebrate 40 years in music together this year – with a world tour and 2 albums to be released in 2022: infinite love And return of dream canteenat the top of the US charts.

An hour and a half of “Californication”, 15 songs through which RHCP tells us their full story, passing through funk me and my friends like shit (1997 Gem) A scar tissue (feeling), from the counter (love a black heat And Eddy (Van Halen), making us jump put it away And pulling us back and forth in time in a flux of energy between ballads and funk rock.

Flea and John Frusciante’s opening jam makes us dream (photo above)And if at some point Anthony Kiedis struggles to keep up with his peers, the Californian band’s red thread never stops: voices, drums, guitars and bass blend together in an expressive style that is theirs, for thousands. A recognizable sound, steeped in instrumental qualities and personalities that do not disappoint: camaraderie, joy and merriment that reach the audience in a shared emotional flow.

Well done guys, come back to the Milanese stage soon! We are waiting for you.

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