“I did nothing but train and train and train and train” – Tom Holland on his intense training for Uncharted

Tom Holland received critical acclaim for his portrayal of action hero Nathan Drake in Sony Uncharted. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Holland spoke about the intense training he went through to play the role to perfection. The film released in 2022 and fans were delighted with the action scenes.

Tom Holland talks about the intense training he went through for Uncharted

The actor shared the intense training he went through to play Nathan Drake. He said: “Honestly, mate, it was all like that. We were about to start filming the film on March 16, 2020, and I realized that Mark was much bigger than me. And then we closed because of COVID; we had a five month break. And during this break I did nothing but train, train, train and train. I’m glad I did this because I think it would have looked a little weird. I’d look like one of his biceps.”

In the interview, it was noted that in the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, Peter Parker and his best friend are playing the video game Uncharted. Commenting on the same, Holland said: “Yes, yes! While we were filming Spider-Man: Homecoming, (Holland’s best friend) Harrison (Osterfield) and I played Uncharted 4 and loved the game. I remember thinking, “Wow, this would make a really great movie,” but I never imagined myself playing Nathan Drake.

Tom Holland says he does action scenes because audiences find them addictive

Holland also shared his thoughts on whether he finds action scenes exciting. He said: “It’s not that I find it exciting; I think the point is that audiences find it exciting. These days, going to the movies, especially with Dolby Atmos sound, can be so immersive that audiences actually feel like they’re doing it. Our job as creatives is to up the ante every time we play with these characters and make it even more exciting and impactful. So I don’t think it will benefit us as much as it will benefit the fans.”

He also spoke about the challenges he faced, noting, “One of the hardest things about this character was playing the ‘tough guy.’ Historically, I’ve always played the underdog who doesn’t have many friends and isn’t the tough guy. So Nathan Drake is the complete opposite, and it took me a while to get used to it and feel comfortable with that.”

Tom Holland will be seen next in the Spider-Man sequel, which was delayed indefinitely due to SAG-AFTRA blows.

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