“I grew up listening to and appreciating Paraguayan culture and music”

Excited about his imminent return to Paraguay, the Uruguayan singer-musician underlines his special connection with the public of our country in an exclusive interview with “La Nación del Finde” and recalls how his childhood was influenced by Guaranhas, etc. The influence of cultural rhythm.

On Friday, September 8, at Arena SND, the successful singer Lucas Sugo (45) will perform again in front of his Paraguayan fans, starting at 9:00 pm with the promise of an unpublished songs that make the public dance and vibrate, in addition to his classics “Hechicera” and “Cinco minutos”. In a telematics chat, the artist told La Nación/Nación Media of his expectations a few weeks after his return to our country, where he has forged close ties with thousands of fans.

The benchmark of Uruguayan tropical and romantic music emphasizes that, as a native of the Rivera in northern Uruguay, on the border with Brazil, his upbringing was deeply influenced by Latin American folklore. For example, the rhythms heard in his childhood home were Guaranía and Gallopella, so his performance again in Guaraní land has an even more special meaning.

“It touches on the emotional side. There is an emotional bond and affection between this Uruguayan brother and the Paraguayan brother. It fills me with motivation and the desire to be there again. We have prepared a very special set, many songs, many festive moments For people to enjoy. All the new songs and themes that we put into the repertoire will be featured in this show,” he explained.

Lucas Alberto Sugo Ramírez will perform on the Paraguayan stage again in 2023 with a new show he calls “Sentimento y pasión”, inviting the Paraguayan public to Dance the night away to his music and superb stage.

Lucas Alberto Sugo Rodriguez is today a symbol of Uruguayan romantic music

As the singer explains, he has always aimed to convey his love and passion for music to his audience, especially his Paraguayan fans, and in 2022 he surprised them by playing Guarana.

“Honestly, I grew up listening to and appreciating Paraguayan culture and music. So explaining Guaranha is a debt that I enjoyed last year. The moment is over. This year, I promise we will rekindle the memories that left a lasting impression,” he said.

Looking ahead to the concert at Arena SND, the singer, composer and guitarist has already drawn up his schedule in the land of Guaraní, the show will start on September 7th, the day he plans to settle in Asunción to prepare the details of the show And have fun with the show. Attractions of our capital.

“I wanted to arrive a day early, explore the Paraguayan land, go out to eat, and enjoy the night before. I didn’t want to just stop at the Paraguayan soup, which I really liked. During these times in my career, I was also looking for This: the emotional part, arriving at a place, becoming part of it, enjoying and getting to know its culture”, he emphasizes.

In addition to his performances in Paraguay, Lucas Sugo also plans to perform in Argentina, Chile and even Spain this year, for which he stresses that 2023 will be “beautiful madness”. With his busy artistic schedule, the musician always seeks to balance his career and family life as his top priority.

The musician promises to shake the Paraguayan public in the SND arena. “We’ve got a very special set, a lot of songs, a lot of festive moments for people to enjoy,” he said.

“As the pandemic unfolded, I realized I wasn’t taking care of the ‘B side’, most importantly: the family. I have three kids, the youngest is a year and a half. Now, this pretty crazy thing that happened this year I’m really looking for this balance. While taking care of my career, I always make room to go home and share with my family”, emphasizes the successful artist from Uruguay.

“We’re with everything. We’re going to see a song every month between now and the end of the year,” the singer-songwriter said while talking music news at the door.

Influenced by his mother, Lucía Rodríguez, a teacher and composer of texts and melodies, Lucas loved music from an early age. At the age of 8, he started learning guitar at the Eduardo Fabini Conservatory. He then went on to study at institutions such as the American Academy of Music and the School of Melody Music, where he earned titles as a teacher of guitar, piano, and voice. Through perseverance, hard work, talent and unwavering conviction, he has forged his musical career and cemented himself as one of the most internationally renowned Uruguayan artists.

Lucas Sugo has always sought a balance between his career and his family life. He was in love with Antonella García and his family consisted of three beautiful children: Florencia, Isabella and Lucas.

“It’s about the emotional aspect. There’s an emotional bond and affection between this Uruguayan brother and the Paraguayan brother. It keeps me motivated and eager to be out there again.”

“Honestly, I grew up listening to and appreciating Paraguayan culture and music. So explaining Guaranha is an outstanding debt and I really enjoyed it last year”.

The Uruguayan announced that, with his tour, he will continue to release new hits and collaborations with other artists. Therefore, he does not rule out the possibility of collaborating with Paraguayan musicians. “I would love to achieve a fusion of Paraguayan and Uruguayan cultures. Today, these collaborations only add up,” he said.

Lucas expects these new albums to be released over the remainder of 2023. “We will continue to record songs on the tropical side, as well as the romantic cumbia, which allows me to reach out to the public. For example, we recently recorded a new version of ‘Te voy a amar’ with the artist Axel. We are with everything. From We’re going to see a song every month between now and the end of the year,” he noted.

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