“I had two malignant tumors”

Raimondo Todaro had two malignant tumors. Dancer, choreographer and dance professor Friends he first spoke about this in an interview with Verissimo. Former main character Dancing with the Stars he discovered this after surgery for appendicitis three years ago. “I had two malignant tumors – Todaro told Silvia Toffanin – Work was my lucky break, the only moment between checks and operations when I didn’t think about it.” In fact, despite his illness, Raimondo continued to work. “It all started with appendicitis, the operation lasted four hours because the appendix pierced a piece of intestine. From that moment on I had scheduled check-ups and so far I walked into the rehearsal room with Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano. They called me and said that I have two malignant tumors and that I need to be treated urgently.”

Raimondo Todaro’s disease: he had two malignant tumors

“TO 34 years I discovered that I have two malignant tumors. During the first release of Amici I had two surgeries in a few months. It so happened that on Monday I went to the hospital, had an operation under total anesthesia, and the next day I calmly went to work. Physically I was in pieces. I never said this until today because I didn’t want them to treat me differently, with different eyes. – explained Raimondo Todaro Verissimo – If it weren’t for appendicitis, I would never have noticed it. Now I continue to monitor myself, but I am out of danger.”

Raimondo Todaro and his love for Francesca Tocca from Amici

Raimondo Todaro has been married since 2014 to Francesca Tocca, Amici professional dancer. The couple has daughter Jasmine. Recently there has been talk of a crisis between them, but in fact the relationship is developing wonderfully. “This is dance love, we have known each other since childhood: she was 16, I was 18. We are naughty, but everything is fine. We love each other, but like all couples, we also have ups and downs. they argue like all couples in the world.”

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