“I have a convulsive brain lesion”

The actress was born Sharon Stone We offered an interview without filters The Associated Press explained the man’s reasons for not returning to work and how he discovered his passion for painting.

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The 65-year-old artist will certainly feel well-fed, because the works she worked on in 2020, during self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, will finally be exhibited in K. Parker Gallery, p.located in Greenwich, a city in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

While counseling her about her career as an actress and ’90s sex symbol, she recorded the brain tissue that changed her life in 2001. “I don’t recommend working on this Hollywood and the system didn’t help me,” disclosed. “Everyone thought I was going to die. A lot of bad things happened to me because people died. Somehow, while I was in the hospital, I gave my bank account to someone, all my money disappeared. I lost custody of my son. My career is over.” he decreed.

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Nomination for Oscar Casino (1995) emphasis was on the consequences of cerebrovascular accident, which were hidden so as not to be interrogated without work. “I have a very serious seizure disorder and I’ve been trying to hide it for years because I want to get back into business, but I have a disability and that doesn’t work in my industry. That’s why I was secretly attracted to him for many, many, many years.” detailed. “This is what I know. I am a woman with cerebral seizure disorder. I have a disability and drawing helped me deal with the anxiety I had.” anadio.

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