“I hope this is the real Lazio. About Guendouzi and Kamada…”

The real Lazio? I hope this is a continuation of tonight. We are vulnerable in this regard. We had a good game, a tough first half, then Lazio dominated the match in the second half. Twice we made the score 3-1, I’m sorry it was always canceled, one goal was offside by several centimeters: we could discuss it all night“. How Maurice Sarri commented by Dazn victory of his Lazio over Naples.

Sarri’s words after the Napoli-Lazio match

The Biancoceleste coach explained:Physical condition is good, today and mental. We have always been in the game. In the first two games, this attitude was not.“. Finally, on new purchases:”Guendouzi? I remember him as a very energetic player and he actually excelled right away. He can also give us balance, he has good defensive qualities. I put him in, even if he only had two workouts, he seems alive and attentive to understand what I want. Purpose of Kamada? He’s doing well, I’m trying to gradually restore it.“.

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