“I hope to reach 900 but the 1,000 target is a lot of stones to break”

cristiano ronaldoOn Friday, he scored twice in a 3-2 victory over Slovakia, contributing to Portugal’s qualification for the 2024 European Cup. He assured that he was feeling “in good health” He is “enjoying the moments he has experienced with the national team and with the Saudi Al-Nasser team.”

“I’m enjoying the moment, it’s good, I feel good, My body is reacting to what I’ve been giving it over the past few years. I’m happy with the national team and with the club. I scored a lot of goals and my body feels good,” Cristiano told the media after the Portugal game.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 38 Played a decisive role in Friday’s game against Slovakia He ensured the Portuguese’s qualification for the next European Championship and assured that his team had “achieved very well in the qualifying stages” with seven wins in seven games.

My body is reacting to what I’ve been giving it over the past few years.

cristiano ronaldo

“Personally, I’m very happy with what I’ve done. Now we have to continue, We still have some games where we have to perfect the machine. The team is very good and has different systems,” he commented.

He added: “Portugal advanced because they played well, they had a good team and a good coach (Roberto Martinez in Spanish). “It’s no coincidence that we qualified.”

Now he hopes to be able to “get to the final stages again and play against Portugal” with “no injuries or other problems”.

Cristiano emphasized Now consider the “short term”and One of the goals that has been set is to reach 900 goalsThis week, after speaking to Porto president Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, the latter challenged him to reach 1,000.

I think I’ll hit the 900 goal

cristiano ronaldo

“It’s going to be quite difficult, but it’s about understanding my mental state and motivation. Yeah, physically, my legs treat me like I treat them… We’ll see, they are Small stage. Before reaching 1,000, you must first reach 900. “I think I’m going to get it,” he declared.

the former real madrid striker He scored 857 goals in his careerHe is “confident of reaching the 900 target but 1,000 is a lot of stones to break”.

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