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If there’s one thing about Patrick Lefevere, it’s his verbosity and lack of tact in how he expresses himself, so it’s no surprise that he’s declaring his support for a rider like Gianni Moscon. The Italian is the latest signing from Soudal Quick Steps and the manager believes they are the right team to deal with him.

“We have the ability to coach him,” he told The New Paper. “Maybe he has a bad temper, but I hope he has learned his lesson,” he added, referring to the racial slur directed at Reza in 2017, the swipe at Gusbert in 2018 or the 2020 cut to DeBuss The history of incidents such as throwing bicycles. .

“I also don’t think you should always say yes to someone. If they hit you over the head and you say yes, then…” Lefevere snapped. “I prefer people with character, not sheep who just say ‘yes,'” he concluded.

“The ball is in his hands and he has to prove that we are not wrong. I think his potential is still there, but if it doesn’t work out, it will be his problem.” The head coach concluded.

It is worth remembering that Moscon had a difficult time at Astana, mainly due to physical problems. The problem is, he suffers from a heart abnormality, COVID-19, bronchitis, knee pain and a bacterial infection that barely reveals his talent.

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