“I was a slave to alcohol.” Tom Holland’s shocking confession

One of the most popular actors of his generation and who first became known to the general public with his performance in Spider-Man, tom holland, revealed that he spent a lot of time trying to free himself from his obsession with drinking. during an interview on the podcast Intentionally Along with Jai Shetty, he told all the things and told about the bad months that have passed recently.

Holland: “I was only thinking about drinking”

A confession by all means because the story of drunken slavery “begins” last yeara very, very drunken christmas“. The good resolutions for 2023 had a small and short-lived effect on the January he would have spent without alcohol but his mind could not rid itself of the thought that tormented him like an obsession.”all i could think of – Holland said – Era drink something, it really scared me“. As he tried to do in January, in the spring he tried to resist for another month but it was not easy.”I felt like I couldn’t be social. I felt like I couldn’t go to the pub and drink lime soda. I couldn’t go out for dinner. i was really struggling,

However, how did he manage to turn the page: full awareness of his problem and (he did not specify) possible outside help helped him stop drinking for a few months and, last June 1, he celebrated . birthday calm that he believed “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life,

new benefits

The British star also serves as an example to all alcohol addicts benefits Stopping drinking has improved her night’s sleep, she has managed daily problems more profitably and “Much better mental clarity. I was feeling healthy, I was feeling fit. I’m happy to say: I was definitely addicted to alcohol. i don’t hide“. As noted, overcoming this overwhelming hardship also gave him the strength to help other people stop drinking. As we noted in the Journal, the effort for the TV series crowded room They were huge for the subject matter covered, for mental illnesses, but also for all the daily problems”that comes with any movie set” with great external pressure. ,Now I am taking a year off and this is the result of how difficult this series has beenHolland concluded.

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