Iconic Michael Jordan warns his mom that fans are still hysterical about stunt doubles

Remember that time Michael Jordan got beat by his mom on the basketball court?

Yes, this does happen.

Michael Jordan didn’t need a stand-in to help him dunk with the Chicago BullsImage source: Getty

Here’s a hilarious video to prove it.

Before Jordan became the first American athlete to crack the Forbes 400, he had been working hard in the business world and was still proving himself in the NBA.

Decades later, the video of Jordan and his mother Delores was even more incredible, thanks in part to a stuntman who was clearly not Delores.

“Keep your eyes on the basket and focus,” Jordan’s mother said, holding a basketball and teaching Jordan the best ways to get the ball through the hoop.

“Like this?” the Chicago Bulls legend asked.


Jordan blocked the ball off the glass and missed the rim entirely.

“No, just like this,” Delores said, holding the ball near her shoulder and launching a smooth shot into the basket.

The fake laughter in the background makes the video even better.

When Deloris started swinging the bucket, all the future six-time NBA Finals champion could do was watch in awe.

“Just like this, Michael,” said the mother who raised the greatest basketball player of all time.

When the dazzling scenes are unleashed, the funny footage becomes simply unbelievable.

The stunt double glides through the air and performs a reverse slam.

“That’s my mom,” Jordan said, drawing more laughter from the fake TV audience.

Jordan apparently learned a lot about basketball from his mom in this throwback videoImage source: Getty

Jordan clearly learned a lot from his dear old mother in the video.

He was selected to the All-Star 14 times, won the scoring title 10 times, and was selected to the All-Defensive Team 9 times.

Jordan won Finals MVP every time he reached the NBA’s biggest playoff series.

The Hall of Famer was so good at basketball – thanks to his mother’s shooting help – that he eventually bought a team of his own and then sold it for $3 billion.

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