Idiot, what victory are you talking about after the killing and wounding of over 45,000 Gaza residents – Al-Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti lawyer Saud Al-Shahoumi opened fire on the official spokesperson of the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, the masked “Abu Ubaida” after having claimed the victory of the resistance over Israel.

Victory of the resistance

Al-Shahoumi said in a video he posted on his account on the “X” platform: The idiot called Abu Ubaida, who some of us consider a symbol of the resistance, came out again and began to suggest to children that they should imitate him, and argued that the resistance had triumphed after the fall of over 15 thousand martyrs and the wounding of over 30 thousand, 10 thousand buried under the rubble and more than one million and 200 thousand Palestinians displaced. they are foolish about the victory you are talking about.

Al-Houthi and Iran

And he continues: This reckless madman came to thank Iran, Lebanon and the Houthi terrorists in Yemen, who launched two missiles, one of which fell into the sea and another fell, I don’t know where, and killed a poor man family that had nothing to do with Israel or the Zionists.

Pirates and Japanese ship

He added: Like pirates, they went to a ship which they had captured with some poor Japanese and whose captain was only Jewish, and began to preach victory, adding: These are the ones I thanked, and I left the Arab countries, led by Arabia Saudi, Egypt, Kuwait, Emirates and all Arab and Gulf countries.

Rafah crossing

And he continues: You previously sided with Saddam Hussein, the criminal against the Kuwaiti right, sending a message to the brothers in Egypt, saying: “Leave behind this madman, the Brotherhood, who also throws you into a hole, sitting in tweeting and saying that it was the resistance that opened the Rafah crossing and that Egypt gets no credit.”


He continued: “Another idiot came out talking about the Kuwait ambulance, saying that Egypt stole it. Oh, there is a government in the State of Kuwait. If this thing had happened, they would have spoken out and declared, Egypt cannot put its eyes on an ambulance: “So what is this nonsense?”

Loyalty and enmity

He stressed: The resistance and not the largest country can open a door into Egypt without the permission of the Egyptian leadership and the Egyptian army, while he sent a message to the Gulf and Arab leaders, saying: “Be very careful of this terrorist group which professes loyalty to the Brotherhood and repudiates all other regimes.”

Law and religion

He added: Oh, we say in our law, religion and belief that loyalty is to Almighty God, His Messenger, and our Islamic faith, and we are disavowed first and last, because what you have done is a crime against people and peoples.

Turn people around

He continued: “This is also the case of the revolt of the Jordanian Arab people against their leadership and against the Hashemite House. You have shamed this man, and you have shamed your neighborhood and your group that sits every day turning the peoples against their rulers.” .

The depths of the pit

He concluded: A final message to the Government of Kuwait: “The time has come to wake up from the depths of the abyss.” The issue has reached such a point that they have begun to turn the Kuwaiti people against the Saudi and Egyptian people, and their leaders have begun to turn against the leadership, so wake up before the day comes when we will regret this silence and everything that you made us while we screamed.

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