Idol, the fourth episode, leads to the crossroads between life and death. Review

The new installment continues Tedros’ brutal psychological manipulation through careful dialogic reflections. Breakthrough new series by Sam Levinson (Euphoria), starring Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd, is available exclusively on Sky (and streaming NOW only), releasing every Monday.

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fourth episode Idol continues the denunciation of the violent and destructive glory of show business, which here borrows the guise of Tedros’s manipulative regime of terror, capable of shaping the vulnerable artistic consciousness of those around him. There as sophisticated as it is brutal HBO seriesdirector’s intention Euphoria Sam Levinson and The Weeknd starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Deppreturns with a new assignment every Monday, exclusively on Sky and streaming NOW only.


Jocelyn’s body was used and abused: how did we get here

Tedros (The Weeknd), who already in the previous episode wisely established himself in Jocelyn’s work and personal life, continues his delusional villa takeover, managing it like a fortress: on the balconies, like on prison turrets, the entrances are guarded by armed guards. Tedros Highlights Jocelyn’s DaysLily Rose Depp), As the others followers of his word, characters that we get to know more deeply in this episode, discovering that they are all ambitious and talented artists left homeless due to addictions that have been adopted into Tedros’ “family”. Among them there are those who see him as a savior, and those who fear him, but it does not matter: all along with Jocelyn are now prisoners his physical and mental powers. Meanwhile, after managers Jocelyn Haim (Hank Azaria) and Destiny (Da’Vin Joy Randolph) learn that Tedros has been arrested for kidnapping and torturing his ex-girlfriend, they decide to send Destiny “undercover” to Jocelyn’s mansion. In the episode where the tension is so close to thriller shadesFate faces a bleak reality that the cognitively impaired viewer has long known: no one opposes the will of Tedros, even when uses and abuses Jocelyn’s body, in front of everyone, as and when he wants, because “the stars are not people, they belong to the public.” But in the end, it doesn’t matter: the record company Magistrate Records, which followed Jocelyn, rather than intervene, prefers to act without her, replacing her. The only person who actually tried to ask for help from the start is Jocelyn’s best friend Leah (Rachel Sennott), who however gets trapped in some sort of Cassandra syndrome, ends up disliked by everyone and gets sent away. In fact, the powerless Leia not only clearly understands that Jocelyn is no longer human, but also knows that soon the same fate will befall her turn.

Project without a name - 1


Idol, episode 3. A difficult lesson in pain. Review

Dialogic reflection of the fourth episode

Implementation The Tedros Terrorist Regimealready begun in the previous episode, this time more pours oncareful dialogic research than the actions of the characters. If really in the fourth episode Idol no big narrative leaps, on the other hand i tense dialogues, whispered and well distributed, however, implicitly promotes the denunciation at the heart of the entire television series, as well as the iconoclastic manipulation, both physical and psychological, of show business with its subsequent hoax of pain in exchange for fame and money. There accurate aesthetic and stylistic research From Idolviolently portraying a charismatic leader with the ability to shape and plagiarize the minds of aspiring artists around him, does nothing but show a “lighter”, more explicit and brutal version of Jocelyn’s own record label, which has already prostituted his pain in exchange for money, to the point of replacing him when the millionaire cow is no longer capable of producing banknotes.

Project without a name - 1


Idol Review: Lily-Rose Depp – Body and Soul Episode 2

A glimmer of light balancing between salvation and falling into hell

If, as already mentioned, in the fourth episode Idol there are no great narrative evolutions, not for the ending. Jocelyn, in fact, after Tedros humiliated her friend Leia with a “bottle” of tequila in front of everyone, but most of all, after discovering that Dianna (Jenny Kim) had taken her place in the Magistrate Records project, he seems to have an epiphany. At the end of the episode, Jocelyn chooses a relationship with Rob (Karl Glusman), with the exception of Tedros, who, left out of the room, cries helplessly for the first time. Fourth episode Idol therefore leaves the viewer suspended in front of dangerous intersection: To find out if Jocelyn’s gesture is the first glimmer of light on the road to newfound freedom or, on the contrary, represents an irreparable descent into the punitive underworld of Tedros, all that remains is to wait for the next episode, available exclusively on Monday, July 3, 2023 on Sky and streaming only for NOW.


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