“If it’s not photoshop, then something is wrong”

Kim Kardashian she was “discovered” by fans. One click up InstagramA detail did not go unnoticed followers who lashed out at the influencer and businesswoman, demanding an explanation.

ex of Kanye Westin fact published Photo, a selfie in the mirror, but something seems to be wrong: “This is not real,” several users wrote to her on the social network, accusing her of abusing Photoshop. Let’s find out together what it is.

In a photo posted on social media in recent days, Kim Kardashian appeared in a white top and pink tracksuit pants.

Hair up, selfie in the mirror, but something’s not right. The dancer’s side appears to be deformed, presumably due to the unnatural stance on the side that was supposed to take the photo. But for fans, it’s “photoshop damage”.

“Kim, did you go overboard with the changes?” Netizens asked her, while others said, “This is not real. How do you not realize it? You look deformed.”

For others, on the other hand, even if the photo did not need to be modified, it still would not be a good example, because in the eyes of fans, she looks more and more thin: “If this is not photoshop, then something is wrong. You’ve lost too much weight, ”wrote a user concerned about her health.

She shrugged off criticism and said “good night” in another post with a still image of her blowing a kiss to her fans.

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