“If the opposite were true, Louis would be serving time in prison today.”

In a recent incident in a community in the north of the province, a man was doused with alcohol by a woman and set on fire. The victim’s plaintiff’s lawyer, Dr. Sergio Gomez, was interviewed. Independent radio station 99.1.

Luis’ family is outraged by the situation because if it had been the other way around, Luis would be serving time in prison today, but since we’re talking about a man who was once a victim, a lot of the circumstances are relative, the lawyer said.“.

He added “In this case, the party understands that the case is being delayed not only because of a judicial breakdown but also because the rules do not apply.The procedure of the law is clear, Article 9 requires the judge, when the crime (the person responsible for the crime was surprised at the time of the crime) cannot be determined within the time limit or solved in the regular investigation, the judge must solve the procedural issue, but it has not been solved so far“.

Likewise, he said that in view of the situation, a complaint has been filed with the Third Chamber pending resolution. “The fact is that there were some procedural actions that we did not consent to, but they were carried out despite our disagreement, and they were related to the fact that they wanted to examine the woman seventy days later to find out what was going on. .to see if she had been hurt in some way“.

At the same time, he said the focus was on the victims rather than the perpetrators, “Because he is a man, for that reason alone. The thing is, there was something wrong with the defense’s examination because the medical examiner examined the woman and said she had absolutely no symptoms, no sequelae or anything.“.

The only victim here is Louis, and if you see these photos, I guarantee you you won’t look at them for more than two seconds because they are creepy and abnormal. That is why I do not understand the seriousness of the fact that the procedural situation has not been resolved; in fact, she is under house arrest and for more than two months she has been tested for pneumonia to see if her house arrest will be lifted.Gomez said.

In this sense, he maintains that “The residence was determined based on her statement that she arrived and told the judge I had pneumonia“.

Finally he asked: “What would happen if a man sprayed alcohol on a woman and then told the judge, don’t send me to jail because I have pneumonia.So I spoke of equality before the law and that rule should apply regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the offender and this is the situation and the annoyance expressed by the family and I pass it on“.

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