If you want to have bright skin, you must pay attention to these 8 factors

One of our biggest concerns when it comes to skin care is Luminous appearance, because it is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also a symbol of health. However, we shouldn’t confuse a bright and radiant complexion with seborrheic shine, as the latter is a sign of excessive skin production of sebum, which is still the cause of acne breakouts and blemishes.

On the contrary, a glowing skin It is characterized by even facial tone, soft texture and balanced radiance, which is achieved through adequate cleansing and hydration. However, blood circulation also has a lot to do with this, along with other factors that affect skin health.We tell you about them from the hands of Cuca Miguel, coach Division and CEO, Beauty, Cosmetics and Dermatology Pharmacy All in Beauty and Beauty Center.

Factors affecting skin radiance

Pay attention to the following points in your daily life to keep your face radiant:

– Moisturizing. Skin that lacks moisture and moisture will appear dull and may feel rough and flaky from dryness.Therefore, the importance of incorporating skin care A moisturizing cream suitable for daily use.

– Exfoliate. This step is key to unclogging pores and deeply removing dirt and dead cells. Clean skin will help the body produce new, healthier cells and eliminate the gray appearance.

– blood circulation. Stimulating blood circulation in the skin allows cells to receive more nutrients and oxygen, thereby preventing cell death and promoting tissue regeneration. This will also have a positive impact on the appearance and brightness of the face.

– skin care. Incorporate products into your daily routine that are tailored to your needs and skin type to address concerns without altering your skin barrier. For example, if you have oily skin, you should choose non-comedogenic products to avoid excessive sebum production.

A perfectly clean complexion is very important to have “healthy skin free of blemishes and acne”.

– Specific ingredients: In addition to daily hydration, we must also include specific ingredients in our skin care products that combat major skin concerns, such as those that lead to aging: antioxidants, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid.

– Sun protection. Sunlight can cause damage 365 days a year, but the sun’s rays are more intense in the summer. Sunscreen helps protect against the harmful effects of rays, and we can also find some protective products with whitening and moisturizing properties to address multiple concerns with a single product.

– healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle habits including a varied and balanced diet, regular exercise, a good night’s rest, and low stress can help fight oxidative stress and reveal a radiant complexion.

– Distinguish between brightness and excessive brightness: As we pointed out before, light is ideal because it’s the healthy glow that comes from balanced and well-cared-for skin. However, excessive shine can be a sign that our glands are producing more sweat or oil, which can eventually clog pores and cause other problems.

Recommended treatments

Cuca Miquel proposes two treatments to find out what state our dermis is in and treat it to achieve a radiant appearance:

– Skin research: Before undergoing any treatment, we must determine our skin type in order to tailor the recommended technique or procedure. Diagnostic equipment is used to detect possible abnormalities and defects in the skin tissue, and experts then evaluate the results, explain to the patient the cause of the problem and recommend an appropriate cosmetic regimen.

– Personalized facial cleansing: It involves disinfecting the skin using techniques best suited to each patient’s needs. Cuca Beauty Center uses natural active ingredients extracted from the sea, flowers, fruits and plants. The formulas are guaranteed to be effective and safe, and comply with health safety and environmental regulations. As experts point out, a perfectly clean complexion is important to “have healthy skin free of blemishes and acne,” which will ultimately give us the bright look we’re looking for.

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