If you’re feeling anxious or anxious, this simple trick before bed can help

If you suffer from stress or anxiety, psychiatrists recommend this simple exercise to help you sleep

Sometimes it’s difficult, if not nearly impossible, to ignore the reality of our busy lives. work, personal issues, mental overload… They are the result of complex routines that leave us exhausted at the end of the day.


In these cases, insomnia arises, a problem that is more common than it seems and one that many Spaniards suffer from. Fortunately, Like anything else, dealing with insomnia is possible with exercise, physical fitness, and a few tricks.

Psychiatrist Aric Prather, published by professional website Targethas helped hundreds of insomnia sufferers around the world improve their sleep performance and achieve quality rest. CNBC recently concluded in a study that excessive rumination has become a major cause of dream killers.much more than social networking before bed or an uncomfortable mattress that doesn’t let us rest.

Thinking too much before bed won’t help you fall asleep properly. It is the paradox of the mind that it gets tired of thinking, and that after a long day it continues to think it wants to stop thinking. It’s hard to write, but you’ve probably experienced it yourself.

Negative thoughts are a burden before bed

The professional, who is also a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of California, said negative thoughts are especially harmful at night and in the dark. He himself stressed that one day, while lying in bed, he “repeated a silly comment I had made at a party, even though the person I made it to had probably quickly forgotten it.”

“We can’t stop the brain from doing this because its job is to consolidate the brain and create new synapses”, then he explained. As a result, a pattern of behavior is created that causes us to “deliberately worry during the day.” How can you control this?

  1. Set aside a portion of your day, preferably 15 minutes in the afternoon, for what’s called “emotional worry.” “Once the timer starts, feel free to focus on one topic at a time. Think of it as a to-do list you’re checking off. “You’re emphasizing the topics that cause you the most anxiety.”

  2. You then have to list the “problems” and “solutions” during that time. “Our goal is to develop a plan on how to begin taking practical steps to repair or resolve the issue in the next few days.”

Your mind will automatically start controlling your thoughts because “there’s already a plan.” The psychiatrist also claimed that some patients put a piece of paper on their bedside table before going to bed to remember this. Last comment of the day… And sleep!

How does insomnia affect sleep?

It can be punctual or chronic.Insomnia affects more than 30% of the adult population in Spainis an incorrect night’s rest, often related to poor sleep hygiene and constant changes in our daily routine or habits.

Do you have sleep problems?Don’t worry, we’ve left you with a surefire trick. History repeats itself… too many times. Round after round, time passes; if you look at the clock, it’s already early morning. Falling asleep is a serious problem for many people. The next day, fatigue became apparent and concentration fell short of the capabilities of a rational person.

Insomnia is a condition that changes your daily life to an unexpected degree, but Harvard scientists seemed to have found a solution to combat it within a minute. This is the “4-7-8” technology.

It sounds simple enough, and it doesn’t involve using any equipment or anything other than your own breathing. Because it is precisely based on it, or rather on restoring its natural rhythm to attract sleep in a matter of seconds. process? It’s simple: while lying in a comfortable, relaxed position, you should start thinking about the three numbers 4, 7, and 8 and practice breathing around them. First, you breathe in for four seconds; then, you hold it in your lungs for seven seconds, and finally, you breathe out steadily through your mouth for eight seconds. All of this is done while placing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

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