Ilary Blasi and the “secret” of the song chosen for Verissimo

On Totti and Noemi, the crisis and the divorce Ilary Blasi did not utter a word to very true, but in the studio something from the last difficult year the presenter of the famous Island said it. Behind the lines. She did it the moment she entered Silvia Toffanin’s television living room, dancing to the tune of “Flowers” and showing himself for the first time on TV after the end of his marriage with the Pupone.

The choice of song which introduces the guest is never causal. The musical break says something about the character that a very true comes to tell. And if Ilary has chosen not to feed gossip and gossip by releasing statements on the separation from Francesco Tottithe song chosen for her entrance spoke for her.

The arrow at Totti

Ilary Blasi entered the television studio on the notes of “Flowers“, latest single by Miley Cyrus. The song tells of a love story between pain and suffering, but also speaks of the return to emotional independence and self-awareness. “I can love myself better” sings the American artist, continuing: “I can buy myself some flowers. Write my name in the sand. Talking to myself for hours about things you don’t understand”. In the text Miley Cyrus makes a pungent consideration towards her ex, emphasizing how now she is able to love herself better than him and to many, this aspect has appeared a clear dig to Totti’s address.

Ilary’s dancing entrance, precisely tracing Cyrus’ movements in the video, was the icing on the cake of the message that, somehow, the Roman wanted to send to everyone: “I’m happy, I’m over it”. However, Blasi did not give answers and explanations in the episode, but it was Michelle Hunziker who spoke for her again, indirectly, who in the video message broadcast by Silvia Toffanin during theinterview spoke of Ilary’s strength.

It hides the fragility

The Swiss presenter wanted to wish Ilary good luck for her new adventure with theIsland of the famous, but before closing her video message she wanted to reveal something more about her friend. “The thing we have in common is that, like me, you are very good at hiding the nuances of yours fragility” said Michelle Hunziker, underlining how Blasi managed to hide everything she experienced in the last difficult period with a smile and irony.

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