Ilia Topuria reveals her techniques for motivating and visualizing success in “El hormiguero”

Ilia Topuria reveals her techniques for motivating and visualizing success in “El hormiguero”media collection

Ilya Topriya is visiting tonight “anthill” from antenna 3chat He is training to compete for the world championship belt.The Hispanic-Georgian fighter also explained what they look like His daily routine, his preparation before going out into battle and how he works on his mental strength.

Ilia Topuria entered the set at the beginning of the night to the applause of everyone present.Greeting Pablo Motos, he explained its composition UFC, a league in which mixed martial arts athletes compete. “How long could Bruce Lee last you in a fight?” the host began, to which Topriya replied: “Well… I don’t think he would have lasted more than a minute for me.”, drawing laughter from the public. ” The athlete currently ranked fifth in the world He reflected on his undefeated form: “They wanted to see me in danger. I’m sorry you’ll never see that,” and said he felt the “greatest happiness” after the victory: “You have to overcome obstacles come to mind.” At the same time, he said he rarely celebrates the games he wins: “We celebrate a little bit, yeah. But the room ends up being a mess. So I always keep two,” he laughs.

“Your next fight The opponent will be world number one Alexander Volkanovski. How do you feel when you hear his name? “Motos continued. “Little things, I knew this moment would come. Although he is the best in the world, Honestly, number one is me. “” concluded the fighter, earning the respect of the public. Topriya also talked about his fight training: “Now I weigh 80 kilograms and I have to lose 66 kilograms. Not the first 5 kilograms, but the next 10 kilograms… It’s hell.” Immediately afterwards, the host wanted to know How many hours a day does he train: “Four or five hours, because I also train mentally. I work 24 hours a day, I’m always awake. “I’m always thinking. “

Another point discussed by Pablo Motos and Ilia Topuria is motivation: “You don’t quite believe in motivation, because you don’t always have it,” assures the first, thus prompting a great speech from the other: “I’m realistic . I had two choices: go back to sleep, or get up and pursue my dreams. I look for the best version of myself.”. When asked about arrogance and self-confidence, the athlete made it clear: “Confident is someone who sacrifices himself and puts in the effort to achieve his goals.” Next, the host and Topriya talked about the concept of “visualization,” with the fighter explaining: “Every night, I take steps to get closer to my best, I close my eyes and think about my goals in life. I program myself for the next day, just like a computer”:


Topriya also expressed her opinion on feeling scared during a fight: “Fear is inevitable.. To me, it’s like having a wonderful feeling. With this bag I can realize all my potential and it is my inspiration. “

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