Illness and Stress Top Reasons Immigrants Enter U.S. Illegally – Tamaulipas News Center

H. Matamoros, Tamm. – Once the migrants try to cross the border into the US illegally, the association “Help Them to Triunfar” declares that the need continues in the refugee camps as these migrants continue to fail with every disease. Stress-generating apps.

Gladys Canas Aguilar, president of the NGO, revealed some of the diseases that continue to be prevalent in the area, which have been present since their arrival in the city.

“We’ve been seeing diseases and needs in the migrant camps, and to date they’re still there, the numbers continue to rise, and the most observed in this area are Venezuelans, and we see them suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, Respiratory infections and some diseases that don’t occur in the region, such as malaria,” he said.

He explained in detail that there were 8,000 immigrants until a few months ago and that there are currently about 3,000 immigrants in the city, and he also decried the problem of continued applications as pressure leads to illegal crossing into the United States. .

“Decisions are made in desperate and stressful situations, they keep crossing the river, they’re changing borders, the journey to get there is risky, continue to observe some difficulty with the application as it’s presented with unexpected errors and photography, but Ultimately these problems are surmountable,” he concludes.

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