I’m a nutritionist and this food can help you fight flu symptoms and fatigue

Experts say that after not following advice on when is the best time to get a flu shot, or not implementing advice to prevent a flu outbreak at Christmas, this is what everyday life looks like for the vast majority of people: instead of reducing congestion, Still seems to be stuck. We like him more and more. Today, I deeply regret that the feelings are not the same.

So, know that many of you are looking for – or even becoming experts on – various home remedies palion Some symptom (For example, take this fruit to get rid of a persistent cough after the flu) Nutritionist and nutritionist Salena Sainz once pointed out to us what foods can end this discomfort, but this is not the case.Include these foods in your diet You will be able to reduce your chances of getting sick, again, this winter. All advantages.

These foods that can get rid of colds are foods you don’t want to miss this winter

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As Salena Sainz (pharmacist and nutritionist, founder of Naturae Nutrición) clarifies, the best ally in preventing these diseases and alleviating symptoms is to follow a good diet, since eating a range of foods, due to their properties, strengthen immune system.

You may be wondering what is it? Well, if you want to shorten the duration of the flu and, in turn, improve your immune function, your focus should be on essential minerals like zinc and selenium, which are abundant in the human body. Eggs, nuts and whole grains. Likewise, it is also found in some plant sources, e.g. Pumpkin seeds and lentils.

In fact, keep in mind that experts say the best time to take zinc to shorten a cold is when. To clarify, as Angela U. Tucker, M.D., assistant clinical professor of family medicine, zinc is found in cells throughout the body and helps the immune system by fighting possible bacteria and viruses. Not to mention some studies have even linked taking it to falling asleep faster.

How to increase zinc intake in your diet

Recommended daily zinc intake varies from person to person, but most women generally need about 8 to 12 milligrams of zinc per day.

In this sense, some people may benefit from taking zinc lozenges internally. 24 hours after cold symptoms appear As Dr. Tucker points out.

Gloryfeel Vitamin C + Zinc, a supplement that helps relieve symptoms

Vitamin C + Zinc, a supplement that helps relieve symptoms

Gloryfeel Vitamin C + Zinc, a supplement that helps relieve symptoms

Of course, as we always point out, before incorporating or changing your diet, try to see your GP to avoid any contraindications.

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