“I’m coming here as you show me”

The actress also admitted that she was at the Oscars gala in 2022 not as she was shown, but as she was. “He thought, ‘No, I’m going to see dejarte de lado.'”

In addition to promoting a book about his memoirs called Worthy (valiant), Jada Pinkett I learned about life. The bombshell of all the confessions came when it was revealed that you had been separated from Will Smith for years. The latter had an insufferable image at the 2022 Oscars gala, and Pinkett was also counting on being a part of that day’s history.

During the gala, Chris Rock was reflecting on the alopecia his wife suffered from and Smith called her out. Translator The Pursuit of Happyness ugh verified by the Academy and you know that disappear public attention for one month. But the dispute strengthened the couple. At an event in New York from the magazine Vanity Fair, Pinkett admitted that Smith’s reaction helped her a lot: “We’ve done some really deep work now (…) When he was heard at the Oscars, he told me. Once you say, “Oh God, can you ask Chris?”‘, I asked myself, ‘we’re in this together.’

The actress also continued, “I’m thinking about traveling next door. I don’t come to this place like you show, but I’m traveling from here like you show me because we have to face the storm together. Don’t go aside.”

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith make up one of the most iconic couples in the film industry. They settled in 1997.and although all the spectators thought that the marriage would last until this year, it ended at the age of six and in secret.


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