“I’m not with him, but with a friend.” And the name of the real flame pops up

Leonardo DiCaprio does he have a new flame? It would seem so, but it’s not what it seems. British model of Indian origin Neelam Gill silenced through social networks rumors about a love story with Leonardo DiCaprio. The 28-year-old model and the Oscar-winning actor have been photographed together on a boat in Sardinia in recent days.

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Neelam Gill: “I’m not with DiCaprio”

These shots immediately sparked rumors of flirting between the two. So much so that Neelam immediately wanted to intervene to put an end to the rumors. And on Instagram Stories, he posted a post that leaves no room for interpretation: “Just to clear up any rumors,” he wrote, “I am not Leonardo DiCaprio’s new crush. In fact, I’ve been in a committed relationship with his good friend for many months now. The only reason we were photographed in the same place is because I was there with my partner.” In closing: “I hope this clears up any false stories.”

In fact, DiCaprio has been credited with a relationship with another top model for several weeks now. Gigi Hadid. But in June, Hadid and Gill were spotted entering an upscale London restaurant, shortly before the arrival of Leo DiCaprio and his parents. But according to well-informed sources cited by People, the real love story will involve DiCaprio and Hadid. They are increasingly appearing at parties and receptions together. Where one comes, another soon appears. And vice versa.

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