In Málaga, influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations are given every Thursday in nearly 70 locations

this Valle García Manager of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS)It was announced last week that walk-in vaccinations against influenza and Covid-19 will be available every Thursday until the end of the campaign for adult target groups and at pediatric flu vaccination sites (for minors aged six months to four years) Point eleven months (59 months).

As far as Málaga is concerned, vaccination will take place in Nearly 70 health centers and clinics As with previous events, distribution took place across the province. Highlights and timetables can be found on the Andalusia Strategic Vaccination Plan (Andavac) page.

A message from the SAS manager peaceful for citizens of Andalusia, because although “respiratory virus infection rates do increase, they are common every year during the Christmas period.” Furthermore, he clarified that the latest data on the incidence of respiratory infections in Andalusia indicate that , “The upward trend continues, 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitantssimilar to the same period last year and half the Spanish average”, More than 1,000.

SAS has launched its plans high frequency and monitor activity at its health centers daily to see if there is a significant increase in cases. Additionally, he called for vaccination. Since October, 1,658,913 people have been vaccinated against influenza and 1,058,263 people have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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