“In March we must be prepared for anything”

Paulo Dybala gave an interview during the gala evening Rome with sponsors: Argentinean Gioia spoke about the seasonal goals of the Giallorossi club.

It will be a very long season with many games. I hope that I can come in March and be able to compete in all the competitions that we have. This is our goal, we have a strong team. Important players have arrived and I believe we must continue and improve on last year’s path. – he added – It must be the spirit to always give something extra, both in training and during matches. We didn’t start very well, but I’ve had worse situations and then everything went well. I hope they can do the same this time too.“.

Relations with Roma and Giallorossi fans

Dybala he also spoke about his relationship with the city Romeconfessing that he was in love with her, and then adding: “And I hope I can enjoy it for a while longer…He then stated about Roma fans: “On behalf of myself and the entire team, thank you for your support every year. This is important for us. After such a big year for me, receiving all this love was incredibly supportive because I didn’t expect it. Throughout the year I have tried to give back to you something of everything you have given me. We were almost going to celebrate, but it was an incredible year for me in every way.“.

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