in Rome the exhibition of the designer of Hawkeye

In national exclusive and for the first time in Italy, ARF! and the Instituto Cervantes of Rome present the exhibition of the renowned Spanish artist, winner of 5 Eisner Awards and 2 Harvey Awards, in the Sala Dalì in Piazza Navona, David Aja.

“With a language full of nuances, David Aja is not only one of the great contemporary authors of Spanish comics, but a figure admired throughout Europe. It is a joy and a source of pride to bring the best of his work to the Romans” so declares the Director of the Cervantes Institute of Rome Ignacio Peyró.

In De Sagittis and Seminibuswhich will be inaugurated on April 28, 2023 at 6 pm in the presence of the artist, some of the most representative creations of David Aja’s entire artistic career will be exhibited.

From the pages of Dare devil and of The Immortal Iron Fist on texts by Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction to the extraordinary cycle of Hawkeye (Marvel / Panini Comics) which consecrates him in the world comicdom; from the adventures of Clint “Hawkeye” Barton solo without Avengers, to the award-winning covers for James Robinson’s Scarlet Witch. Also the tables of The Seeds (Berger Books / Bao Publishing, 2021), written by Ann Nocenti, to complete this rich Roman exhibition with which visitors will be able to admire all of Aja’s creative processes, in an itinerary that harmoniously combines her unmistakable “classic” and at the same time very modern in terms of design and graphic and digital experiments that characterize the entire work.

The works on display will be collected in the ARFbook 2023, the catalog of ARF exhibitions! available at the ARF Bookshop! Festival from May 12 at the La Pelanda slaughterhouse in Rome.

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