“In summer, all citizens of the Basque Country will be watched”

Sagardui: “All citizens of the Basque Country will be watched in the summer”

this Minister of Health Gottzo Sagardui, states that “all citizens of the Basque Country are guaranteed health care in summer”.

“Schedules are adjusted over the summer based on the needs of people and other professionals. We monitor daily all situations that may affect each OSI and adjust resources and schedules if necessary,” he emphasized.Furthermore, he recalls that in an article Ondavaska interview Hospitals and emergency services “also guarantee this care”.

Likewise, he recognizes that he is not surprised by important things. Antigen test sales increase last weeks in bascardi Covid-19 cases rebound. Because “we know how the virus behaves in crowded and leisurely places”, before symptoms appear, “the public will go to see if it is the new crown virus to protect the health of themselves and their loved ones”.

“Social celebrations and mass gatherings have facilitated transmission, but I want to convey a message of calm, not of loss of prevention, because this rebound has occurred compared to the lowest numbers we’ve ever experienced, because, among other things, Vaccination is for citizens”.Likewise, he recalled Coronavirus disease We’re going to have to get used to “living between the peaks and the troughs,”

About the Possibility of New Combination Doses Getting Flu and Covid-19 Vaccines in the FallSagardui said again that the instructions of experts will be followed in this regard and that a decision will be made in September. “We’ll look at what happened last term and what happened in other countries before we decide what’s appropriate.” Combination vaccine for Covid-19.”

about resignation Oscar Aller as Osaki Deza Emergency DirectorHe said he was a “great professional” who accepted the disappointment “in his professional and personal development”. “There is no turning back,” he added. “We’ve been talking about it for a long time and there are a number of professionals who have decided to make a change for different reasons and have said they’ve done their service in one role and opted for another,” he said.

Likewise, it is congratulated for the possibility of reviving the dialogue that both sides have always wanted before the union defines it as a “promising new course” with very important questions about its services Osakidetsa“, such as the expansion of Donostia Hospital and Onkologikoa, which is part of the project “Advancement and Innovation of Health Services”.

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