In the Balearic Islands, 45% of the population aged over 60 years old has not been vaccinated against influenza

this Influenza vaccination rates In the Balearic Islands, 44.14% of people over 60 years old are far away from the 75% recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), while only 8.23% of people under 60 years old I received the antidote this year.

This emerged in a parliamentary response containing data on influenza vaccination of the Islands population From October 23rd to January 30th.

In the Health Minister’s parliamentary response, Manuela Garcia, The letter to PSIB Vice President Irantzu Fernández also detailed that until the end of January, 20% of pregnant women (18.05%) Vaccinated Influenza that occurs before the end of the first month of the year.

For its part, more than half (50.2%) of the target group over 65 years of age have received the antidote.A lower percentage (20.56%) shows Population of children vaccinated against influenza during this periodConselleria data shows that as of January 30, 2024, 14.86% of health and social hygiene staff had received the influenza vaccine.

Globally, the influenza vaccination rate in the Balearic Islands reached 22.7% as of the end of January. By island, the immunization rate is 23.3% in Mallorca; 22.7% in Menorca; and 18.8% in Ibiza and Formentera.

Low vaccination rates but more people vaccinated

Faced with this situation, Public Health Director Elena Esteban made no secret of her concerns about these rates – “we would like them to be higher”, she noted – although she clarified that, In absolute terms, taking into account the increase in the target population, this year has They vaccinated 8,000 more people than last year.

The Director-General is concerned about the low vaccination rates among health and social care workers and announces the launch of a study or survey aimed at Determine the causes of professional dissatisfaction. Improving vaccination of health workers “is one of the main challenges,” he said.

To try and improve these percentages, IbSalut is already working on its next flu campaign, with a focus on making it “as convenient as possibleElena Esteban therefore highlighted the success of appointment vaccinations – “it is going very well” – and gave the example that in just the first 15 days of appointment vaccinations this year, three of the population vaccinated Increased several times compared to 15 days before the last ordinary event.

Regardless, it warned of the complexities of rolling out such free vaccinations as the measure involves multiple sectors and Need human resources for this.

Also looking at the possibility of bringing children under five to school for vaccination, with information sent to families through education centres, and community pharmacy Collaborate to spread messages emphasizing the importance of vaccination.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends an immunization rate of 75% for people over 60 and health care workers 60% of the remaining population.

Esteban remembers that the campaign is coming to an end and the final results will be known in mid-March. However, he has warned that they will not change much as all that remains is to collect data from private healthcare and make some corrections to existing data.

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