Indian Wells 2024: Madison Keys makes clear her NBA preference between Michael Jordan and LeBron James with practice outfit

Tennis players’ love for basketball is often expressed through their social media posts. Following the likes of Roger Federer, Carlos Alcaraz, Frances Tiafoe and others, Madison Keys has also joined the list. But guess who her favorite player is? Well, let us give you a hint. She was recently spotted wearing the Chicago Bulls’ famous “23” jersey while training in Indian Wells, California.

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When it comes to basketball, Michael Jordan may have one of the biggest fans in the world. The world of tennis is also on this list. We’ll take a closer look at his list of fans in the tennis world later. But now, let’s shift the focus to former world No. 7 Madison Keys.

Madison Keys is a fan of Michael Jordan


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Madison Keys earlier exited the 2024 AO class with a shoulder injury. She revealed through a social media post that medical staff advised her to withdraw from AO so that her injuries could be fully healed. Key added, “It’s bad now. But yeah, I just think it’s really possible to be able to take that and turn it into a positive. Yes, there is still a lot to be proud of this season and a lot of tennis to be played.

Over the past few months, she has received many words of encouragement from colleagues, including Frances Tiafoe. But now Madison Keys is back and heating up the scene.Tennis paradise‘. She recently posted a photo of herself on her Instagram Story, showing her sweating it out on the court wearing a Michael Jordan jersey.

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Despite this, Michael Jordan once revealed that he knew “Nothing to do with tennis“, his enthusiasm in the tennis world is quite amazing. But who is the Michael Jordan in the tennis world? Frances Tiafoe once said that Roger Federer is the Michael Jordan in the tennis world.


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Speaking of Federer, well, he’s also “Air Jordan“. He first met his idol when the two collaborated with Nike to design a new version of Federer, which was inspired by the classic 1988 Air Jordan shoe. After the meeting, Federer said it was “aIt was an honor to meet one of my childhood friends today.“But did you know that Jordan once came to the U.S. Open and sat in the Swiss courtside box? Let’s look at another Michael Jordan fan from the tennis world.

Carlos Alcaraz is a “big fan” of Jordan, but does he think the basketball legend is “the GOAT”?

The Spanish tennis star revealed that he started paying attention to the NBA in the past few years. He’s a huge fan of Michael Jordan, but does he think the Chicago Bulls legend is the greatest of all time? In an interview with Insider, Alcaraz said he watches a lot of basketball videos, saying: “Everybody knew Michael and what he did to the game.


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Then he went on to add: “He’s an incredible person. As you can see, I’m a huge fan of his and absolutely love his clothes.“But is Michael Jordan the GOAT?”

In response, Alcaraz smiled and replied:I won’t talk about goats. There is no doubt that he is one of them.“What do you think of the basketball legend’s craze in tennis?

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