Influencers give five essential tips for keeping hair healthy and hydrated

Hair is everyone’s calling card and sometimes it becomes brittle from the heat of the sun and needs to be straightened with an iron, Over time, discoloration or chemical treatments can damage the hair fiber, causing it to lose shine and dry out.

Whether it’s through posts or trends, influencers in the industry are constantly offering advice on healthy hair on their social networks. Among them, Stefania Porzio (better known as @esderulos) stands out. She has more than 273,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares tips on caring for curly hair, proving that it is possible to have curly hair that looks hydrated, healthy, and No frizz.

In her publication, Stefania teaches us how to care for curly hair without the need for chemical treatments, using only organic and natural products. “My hair is part of my essence and identity, which is why I work hard to take care of it and share my tips with my community of followers, Because curly hair can be a problem for most women, and I want to show them that’s not the case,” she points out.

As experts in the field, here are five tips for taking care of your hair on the go, without spending more and just taking simple steps.

Hydrates and creates an intense glow

It’s important to keep your hair hydrated year-round. Stefania notes that in addition to regular washing, using masks or natural oils, it’s important to use specific products to help your hair stay healthy, shiny and silky from root to ends. “The foundation of having healthy hair is providing extra moisture, and for this, it’s ideal to use an intensive mask at least once a week.”

One of the recommended products is Naturaloe’s Aloe Argan Oil Deep Repair Mask 300ml, which contains 40% organic aloe. Plus, its formula is enriched with Argan Oil, which helps to deeply repair the hair fiber, making it nourished and manageable.

Know how to choose shampoo

Personalizing hair care for each type is crucial, as each type requires specific products and treatments. Among her tips, the influencer recommends using a natural shampoo, such as Naturaloe’s Argan Oil range with 60% organic aloe vera, which is free of sulfates, parabens, and silicones , also contains no animal testing. With their emollient and nourishing properties, they keep your hair healthy, shiny and silky.

An essential thermal protector that protects us from the sun and heat

A key ally in maintaining healthy, resistant and beautiful hair is a heat protector. The product protects hair from the heat generated by tools such as blow dryers, straighteners or curling irons, preventing damage, brittleness and breakage. “An important component of hair care is a heat protector, as it not only protects us from the heat of a hair straightener or hair dryer, but also protects us from the sun’s rays and other external factors that damage our hair, Especially in the summer.”

Trim tips regularly

The frequency of haircuts varies based on your type and condition. It is recommended to trim the tips every 2 or 3 months. However, if your hair is damaged and has split ends, ideally it should be cut every 4 weeks.

Say goodbye to bath towels and hello microfiber towels

Curls tend to become frizzy when dried with a traditional towel. So among the influencer’s tips, she suggests opting for soft materials like microfiber and, failing that, using an old T-shirt to help reduce the likelihood of curling. “Microfiber towels are a super popular hair product because they prevent breakage and prevent post-wash frizz.”

Although these are just some of her tips, Stefania Porzio (known as @esderulos on her Instagram account) will always surprise you with new tips to help take care of your hair.

On the other hand, Naturaloe products recommended by content creators can be purchased at, domestic perfume shops, pharmacies and supermarkets.

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