Influenza A severely affects your gut flora, according to study

every winter, Millions infected with influenza. Despite vaccination campaigns and treatments, the most vulnerable can develop complications that are sometimes fatal. The most severe form is usually associated with pneumonia caused by bacterial superinfection. Gut microbiota may be involved in this process, according to the results of a recent study published in a prestigious scientific journal.

Now, a recent study concludes that Influenza A return Changing our gut microbiome leading to, for example, Some nutrients are not absorbed They provide us with energy during the first five days of infection, although they recover later.

The study was prepared by the Virology and Innate Immunity and Microenvironmental Bacterial Biotechnology Groups San Pablo CEU University Researchers from the Medical University of Geneva and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York concluded: Influenza A alters gut microbiota and Changing antibiotic resistance.

The analysis, published in the American Society for Microbiology’s journal Microbiology Spectrum, showed that In the first few days after infection, the gut microbiota has a reduced ability to metabolize sugar, Something to recover in five to seven days.

“We analyzed changes in the gut bacterial community of mice infected with influenza virus associated with antibiotic resistance. It was observed that in the gut microbiota, Temporarily increases resistance to common antibiotic families such as cephalosporins, One of the lead authors, virologist Estanislao Nistal, explains:

Some gut bacteria feed Fruits, vegetables and fiber They protect against coronavirus and influenza and improve recovery after infection.Based on these two premises of Sino-German scientific research, researchers Yolanda Sanz Offer comes from Institute of Food and Agricultural Chemistry (IATA) Aiming to discover “the impact of the gut microbiome on covid-19 infection and the effectiveness of immunotherapy in cancer patients”, this is an initiative funded by the Global Health Platform of the Superior Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

Health depends on the nutrition of our microbiome, How we feed billions of bacteria, fungi and yeast They colonize the intestines from the moment we are born, too Prevent obesity or depression triggers inflammation in the most severe coronavirus patients.This is because the gut microbiome Modulates our immune system and influences whether we are susceptible Viral and bacterial infections.

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