Influenza and COVID vaccination: these are the news for 2023 in Castellón

Influenza and COVID vaccination: these are the news for 2023 in CastellónKmiros

Starting from Monday, the Ministry of Health flu vaccination campaign, the vaccine will be administered at the same time as doses against the coronavirus for all those who require dual immunity.As a novelty, this year a dose of Valencians is included Over 60 years old Year, rather than the 65 established so far.Additionally, it includes Healthy children under 5 years old (6 to 59 months), with the goal of getting more people vaccinated and preventing infection. Another novelty is the recommendation that smokers get a flu shot.


vaccination rate

Likewise, the Ministry of Health hopes to meet or exceed Vaccination rate for people over 65 is 75% as well as health and social hygiene workers, and more than 60% of pregnant women and people with other risk conditions. “It involves immunization More than 1.35 million people Health Minister Marciano Gómez stressed: “We have administered more than 2 million doses of vaccine in the community.”

inside About 160,000 people are expected to be vaccinated in Castellon province.

last year The influenza vaccination rate among people over 65 years old reached 69.49%, similar to the 21/22 season, which was the best season in history, although the goals proposed as goals were not achieved. The proportion of medical staff is 80.12%, down 14 percentage points from the 21/22 season, and still the highest in Spanish states. For pregnant women, the figure is 77.22% (-1.5% lower than the previous figure).

Who will receive the vaccine

Health Minister Marciano Gómez said the campaign aims to “Protect the most vulnerable, they may suffer complications due to their personal circumstances. ” The head of the health department emphasized that “a proposal was made in view of the fact that important segments of the target population for influenza vaccination and COVID-19 vaccination coincide. joint vaccination campaign“.

Recommend people to get vaccinated together Over 60 years oldalso 5 or more years of care in functional diversity centers and other institutionalized settings Long-term residence in a closed institution.

Likewise, people are also advised to co-administer Under 60 years old age Have risk conditions; Pregnant women in any trimester of pregnancy and women in the postpartum period; People living with someone with a high degree of education Immunosuppressive; staff of public and private health and social health centers and institutions; and professionals working in essential public services (national security forces and corps, firefighters, civil protection personnel and those working in health emergency services).


Priority will be given to vaccinate residents in the following areas Senior Center and Functional Diversity; Population aged 80 and above; health and social care staff; People aged 60 to 79 and other high-risk groups.

Where you will receive the vaccine

2,683 vaccination sites are planned to be established in communities, including 417 in residential areas.

Vaccination against COVID-19 and Influenza among residents and workers has begun in residential centers.

As far as the people are concerned, Seniors aged 80 and above will receive flu shots at the health centermaking it consistent with the covid situation.

How to request an appointment

In this sense, citizens belonging to high-risk groups requiring double vaccination can Make an appointment via the Gva +Salut APP and the Conselleria de Sanitat website since the event began.

About vaccination Pregnant women, will take advantage of routine pregnancy tests Get vaccinated at a health center.

As for Health personnel who rely on the Ministry of Health will be vaccinated to provide risk prevention services Labor and/or preventive medicine. In primary care, vaccinations will be administered by center staff.

If you are a minor Infants aged 6 to 59 months who are clear of disease can receive influenza vaccine at any timeor without interfering with the vaccination of other groups from the start of the vaccination campaign.

For those who do not fall into high-risk groups, appointments are available Starting December 4th.

What vaccinations will they get?

Another novelty of the event is that for the first time Intranasal attenuated vaccine for children 2 to 4 years of ages provide better protection against influenza virus infection, are easier to manage, and are less aggressive in avoiding punctures.

As far as the COVID-19 vaccine is concerned, Recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Medicines Agency as the best (AEM). This is an mRNA vaccine obtained from the Omicron XBB.1.5 strain.

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